From Runway Model to Author: Runway To A Better Self “Rozelei”

Rozelei is a 34 year old entrepreneur and Author. She left a dead end job that paid well, yet lacked purpose. She was left with the question WHAT NOW?! Her department was ending, without a job. She decided in that moment she was going to start with HERSELF. Just start ALL OVER with her. In 2015 she started attending Speaking and Writing workshops  with Lisa Nicolas, while on the rise as a top runway model in Dallas,Tx. 

In 2018 She had the unfortunate death of her father which led her back to her home town of Akron, Oh In 2020 She is now her own boss and licensed the name ROZELEI which is her stage name. In addition, she is now a Self Published Author of “Runway to a Better Self” set to be released by the fall. 

PWH: Describe yourself in one sentence. 

R: Beautiful light 

PWH: Describe your exact feeling when finding out your job was closing your department?

R: I Was angry, I was going to miss the money, but relieved that the position was over because I hated the job.

PWH: How did losing your job fast track you to where you are now in your career?

R: Losing my job made me decide that I needed to take control of how I made money and when I made money.  

PWH: How did you get started in the Model industry?

R: I got started in the Model industry by a woman whom seen me working out and said I have the look! I didn’t believe her until after the 3rd time seeing her and I had lost the weight to be considered runway material. This same woman blew my mind and signed me to her modeling agency and changed my life over night. 

PWH: Tell me about your upcoming book Runway to a better self?

R: My book is about a woman who was lost and found her own runway to self. Self Love, Self Healing, and Self Creating told in a humors way.

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what crosses your mind? 

R: What crosses my mind is a Lady. A lady that knows who she is,  where she is going, and who she is influencing. A trailblazer. 

Author Alea Carter

Alea Carter, a native of Cleveland, OH, is a published author, inspirational speaker, Personal Development & Empowerment Life Coach, and founder ofBe Whole! Life Coaching. She earned the Life Coaching Designation of Associate Certified Empowerment Life Coach(ACELC)through The Empowerment Coach Academy. However, her prior educational background includes holding a Bachelor Degree in Public Relations, Communication Studies, and International Studies. Alea pursued the more unconventional career of becoming a Life Coach, and using effective methods of group instruction and private coaching. She provides clarity, encouragement, and accountability to people of Faith seeking better mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Alea has been uniquely qualified by God to assist others in recognizing His voice and seeing themselves as He sees them. She has managed people, offices, and accounts within her professional career; now, she helps others achieve their emotional intelligence. Alea has been married to husband George LeonCarterJr. For nine years and has two young sons.

PWH: “Be whole Life Coaching” is your brand, what does it mean to be whole?

AC: My brand Be Whole Life Coaching came from the idea of being whole. This is living a lifestyle of health and healing. Being whole is indicative of soundness of mind, body, soul, and spirit. The truth is, often, bad things happen in life, causing us to break. Trust me; I’ve had my share of brokenness.

Nevertheless, I do not live in constant turmoil, worry, fear, drama, unforgiveness, resentment, regret, and the like. Instead, I experience freedom in expressed thoughts and emotions, hope, security, power, love, joy, and peace. In God, I am complete.

PWH: You are a mother, Businesswoman, and a woman of Faith who is very active in your local church. How do you balance the three?

AC: With everything that I am and do: mother, wife, Businesswoman, active in my church community, etc., I’ve learned to focus upon the harmony within all of my roles. By prioritizing God as first in my life, everything else falls into its rightful place. Of course, I have To-Do Lists, daily routines, and schedules that help provide structure in my life. I practice self-care and maintain healthy boundaries with others. Also, I am grateful to my support system which, first and foremost, includes my understanding, supportive, and loving husband.

PWH: You have a degree in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with respect to dealing with anxiety, tell me about that?

AC: I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with minors in Communication Studies and International Studies from Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. Later I found a great interest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with respect to dealing with anxiety. CBT challenges negative thought patterns and teaches us to manage our emotions as well as to maintain healthy coping strategies. It’s some exciting stuff, and it works!

PWH: Are you currently accepting coaching clients, what can a client expect in a one on one session?

AC: I am currently accepting coaching clients. I conduct one-on-one life coaching sessions, usually remotely by phone or online video conference platforms. My coaching programs include a Free Discovery Session and 4-6, one-hour weekly sessions. In each program series, we focus on 1-2 areas in which my client wants to improve her life. She receives a weekly assignment to complete – nothing too complicated, just something that helps her to apply what we’ve talked about in sessions. We review the task, and I offer helpful suggestions and strategies. I provide clarity, encouragement, and accountability in a genuine, knowledgeable, professional, and non-judgmental safe space.

PWH: Tell me about your book entitled “She is the Ish”?

AC: My book, “She Is The Ish: Journeys Through Womanhood,” is the first of a collaborative book series compiled by “The Dream Queen,” Erial Ramsey. The book includes my personal life story as well as 12 other inspiring women from all across the country. It is a collection of our transparent, bravely-told, authentically presented truths surrounding death, break-ups, low self-esteem, confidence, healing, purpose, and Faith. You will find yourself somewhere in the pages of this book!

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustles, what crosses your mind?

AC: When I think of a pretty woman who hustles, I think of a woman who recognizes her beauty but doesn’t just stop there. She also pursues life to become the very best version of herself, no matter what obstacles she may face.

PWH: Bonus Question: Briefly speak life into the college student, or young woman reading this, wondering how to get a better understanding of themselves and who they are to Christ?

AC: I always say that the Creator best knows the integrity of Creation. I firmly believe that we must first acknowledge our brokenness before we can be made whole. But how can we be made whole if we don’t know the One who orchestrates the putting of our broken pieces back together? Sometimes in life we go through hellish things, but by partnering with God we can be whole again. Jesus Christ healed people and said, “Be made whole’, thus curing their physical, mental, spiritual, and soul wounds. Although every day may not be peachy, we can be restored over and over and over again. No, we aren’t perfect, but we can be in good condition. I want to encourage you to embrace all of you – suppressing nothing. No matter what you go through in life, remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made in Him. God, the potter, holds you and your future in his hands.

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Wife, Mother, TV Personality and Entrepreneur: Ashley Brumfield

We had the opportunity to catch up with VH1 Blank Ink Crew Star: Ashley Brumfield. She is much more than a reality TV Star, Ashley is a Wife, Mother And Business owner of a Successful Salon in Chicago.

PWH: You are more than just a TV Personality, You are a mother and Licensed cosmetologist with a salon “The Million Dollar Experience LLC. Can you tell us about your salon?

AB: Yes, i have a nice cozy intimate salon suite its one client at a time can relax get their hair did while watching TV and having a glass wine once services are over they will leave looking before getting the million dollar experience 

PWH: How long have you been styling hair?

AB: I have been doing hair since a kid i started out at age 11 doing my own hair at the age of 16 i was doing my high school friends hair and then went to hair school in 2008 

PWH: As a Mother, TV personality and Entrepreneur, In life what would you say is the three most important things?

AB: The 3 most important things i believe in is My family, God, and Determination. 

PWH: What is one thing you have learned about business this far, that you will never forget?

AB: The most important thing I’ve learned in business is to have patience never take your foot off the pedal keep going always focus and keep the faith in knowing you will become successful.

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what crosses your mind? 

AB: A pretty woman i admire and her hustle is Rasheeda Frost she is definitely a beautiful woman a go getter, focused, and determined no matter what she may have to face in real life or TV

PWH: Bonus Question: What advice would you give the little girl watching your show, saying I want to be “Ashley” when I grow up? 

AB: The advice i would give a young girl that looks up to me is to be very strong and to trust in god In any journey they decide to take 

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Hair Salon

Wife Mother Hustler: Tahirah

Tahirah is a Wife, Mother, and Hustler. Known as a brand and beauty influence. She is the owner of Popular brands: Wife.Mother.Hustler and The Faded Beauty. We had the opportunity to learn more about this beautiful Entrepreneur

PWH: Describe your brand as a whole in 3 words:

T: Unapologetic, Relatable, Unexpected

PWH: What is a typical day like, balancing marriage, twins, and your career?

T: It’s a process. At times I do feel like I don’t have enough time or hands to accommodate everyone and everything. What keeps me from getting overwhelmed is time management and planning.

PWH: What inspired Wife. Mother. Hustler?

T: When I was single, I considered myself to be a hustler. I had so much drive and ambition as a young girl trying to make it in this world. Along the journey, I got married and had children. Society says when we do start a family, all of that has to end, or we have to choose between the two. I create WIFE MOTHER HUSTLER to celebrate the woman who still wants it all. You can be a Wife, Mother, and continue to be a working woman or Entrepreneur.

PWH: Describe your unique fashion style?

T: I’ve always been a Tomboy. I didn’t start wearing skirts (well I still don’t like skirts) or dresses until after high school. I want to look street chic, androgynous chic or tomboy femme. I’m a mommy who has a shaved head, piercings, and tattoos.

PWH: When searching for short hair inspiration, your picture quickly shows up. What inspired your haircut?

T: I always wore my hair short since the age of 15. I identified myself as someone who didn’t like the look of long hair very early in life. My mother is South African, as well. Women from all over the continent have been wearing shaved seems because of the heat, religious and cultural reasons. In a way, I’m acknowledging my heritage and paying homage to my mothers country.

PWH: You are very confident and fearless when it comes to your style. What advice do you have for someone on the fence of trying something new?

T: My advice is always to follow your heart and always go with the first choice. Don’t worry about what someone might think of you; what matters is what you feel about yourself. If the style is seen a million times before, it has never been done on you, and that’s what makes it unique.

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustles, what crosses your mind?

T: What makes us pretty is attitude. You can have a look but still be a basic chic because of your personality. A pretty hustler leaves a lasting impression because of her morals and integrity and the people she surrounds herself with.

Real-Estate Mogul: Kimberly M. Christophe

When Kim talks , the real estate world listens. She is direct, honest and able to expertly maneuver through the twist and turns of Baton Rouge real estate market without missing a beat. Thanks to her savvy demeanor, relaxed confidence and engaged spirit, her customers find the whole experience fun and rewarding from start to finish. She is definitely her own BOSS.

Behind Kim’s charismatic charm is a smart, tough, serious and very successful master of real estate, who sees the world as she knows it should be and then works to help make it happen. She has earned the respect and admiration of her fellow brokers, agents, along with and impressive base of buyers and sellers. Kim also works closely with the Mayor and City of New Roads to revitalize the community.

Kimberly has been servicing the community for 14 years selling real estate in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. In addition to her real estate career she has a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and has a passion for working with hospice (end of life care). Kimberly is a proud native of New Roads and  devoted mother of 3 beautiful children, Kelvin, Haylie, and Drayce. In the family’s spare time they enjoy going to the country for a day filled with fun riding horses and 4 wheeler’s.

PW: Let’s start with, how does someone get into the real estate industry?

KC: The Real Estate Industry is one of the most sought after careers of the 21st century. Like any career you must take the Real Estate Course and pass the exam to become a licensed realtor.

PW: What sparked your passion in selling homes?

KC: I have always had a passion in home design/decor. I would sit and watch home shows on HGTV to get staging ideas. That love of home decor lead me in the path of home sales where I gained an even bigger interest. I purchase my first home at the age of 21. My realtor at the time did not represent me properly and being so young, I was messed over in the process.Due to my experience,  I was motivated to get my license and help other young homeowners like myself purchase homes with proper representation.

PW: Did you have key mentors, if so how did they impact your career? 

KC: Mentors: Denise Harris. She was my first Broker, I watched her grow her business as a BLACK SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMAN and wanted to duplicate what she did. She taught me how to talk, walk, and think as a business. I can still call her today for advice and she is always there and for that I’m forever grateful to have crossed paths with her.

PW: Where does your drive come from, you could do anything in the world at this point? What motivates you to keep showing up for work?

KC: My drive comes from my passion to help others succeed. Our generation has started to break generational curses and some of my clients are become not only First Time Home Buyers, but First Time Home owners of their families. Changing stereotype and take advantage of the opportunities that are placed before us, well that’s priceless.

My motivation is truly my KIDS. I wake up every morning and hustle hard everyday to make sure I can always provide for them. Although as a mother, I want them to experience some struggle so they can learn early in life that nothing is free or giving to you, you must get up and work for it.

PW: What does self care look like for you?

KC: self care: I wish I could say I take time out for myself but as a single mother of  3 and a growing business I really cant find the time. My best pass time to disconnect is riding horses and 4 wheeler’s in the country.

PW: Fun Question: Give Your best advice to a young college student, wanting to make real-estate their career of choice?

KC: Advice: I would say this will be one of the best investments of your future. The opportunity Real Estate offers are limitless. Working for yourself while in college will allow you more time to study and still be able to make money at your leisure.

PW: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what/Who crosses your mind? 

KC: Pretty Women that hustle : Kadesha Conner, Lisa Marshall, Angel Spears, Chavon Rogers, Diana Wilson, Henritta Williams, Courtney Harvey,  Kelsi Chaney .

Christian, Author, Entrepreneur: Lauren Clayborne

A driven leader in and out of the community, Lauren is currently the author of “What’s in Your Purse,” an event planner, and philanthropic advisor to professional athletes. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the sports & entertainment management program at the Mike Llitch School of Business. She has over 13 years of social responsibility, corporate brand development, and revenue generation experience with the NBA, NFL, and Big 10 Collegiate Athletics.  In addition to her work experience, Lauren is also the co-founder of Christian Emojis, a faith-based emojis app that shares images, emotions, and phases on your iPhone. She is a founding board member of the Detroit chapter of Women in Sports and Events (WISE), Director of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame Election Committee, and TEDx Detroit. Lauren has been recognized as a Woman of Excellence by the Michigan Chronicle and a Vanguard Award Recipient from Detroit Young Professionals (DYP). Lauren is a proud graduate of Michigan State University and has a Masters of Ministry Leadership from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Lauren believes that “Your community should be better because you’re in it” and her diligence and commitment to service inspires those around her to do more to be engaged and to give back!

As a current resident of Michigan, The excitement of meeting someone crushing her goals is amazing. You are Inspiring, Let’s jump right in to the questions:

PW: In three words who is Lauren Clayborne?

LC: Woman of Faith, Giver, Passionate 

PW: Tell me about your book entitled: “What’s in your purse: Carrying your faith like you carry your hand bag? 

LC: We all know it’s possible to learn quite a lot about a woman based on what she carries in her handbag. What’s In Your Purse dives into the different items we might find in your purse and examines the parallel between those items and your everyday life. What’s In Your Purse will examine how, as women, we’re impacted by the things we carry. You will also take a look at how the things you’ve picked up from others, impact how you walk and talk as you navigate through life.

“Lauren brilliantly and practically reminds you that carrying your handbag like you carry your faith is not only necessary but vital to your success.”

PW: What as women are we carrying around that is holding us back from our best life?

LC: Just with any other weight, I think the things that hold us back are the things that we don’t even realize we’re carrying. Naturally, all of a sudden your knees or back may hurt and you go to the doctor and they tell you that you need to get some of the weight off you. Over time, the weight started piling on and it’s causing pain in areas that you didn’t know would be effected. As women, sometimes we don’t realize we’re carrying things from old situations, relationships, or experiences and it comes out at the absolute wrong time.

As “What’s in Your Purse” encourages, it’s so important to do inventory of what we’re carrying and address those issues head on. I think it’s those things that prevent us from our best life! 

PW: Fun Question: Give me your top 3 worship songs that describe you currently?

LC: I love this question!! My current favorites are “Man of Your Word” by Maverick City/Chandler Moore, “Something Has to Break” by Kierra Sheard, “Never Be Defeated” by Rich Tolbert.

PW: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what crosses your mind?

LC:When I think of a “pretty woman who hustles,” I think of a woman that is making it happen it with grace and poise. As women, we wear so many hats including having to keep it together physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and it’s grace that helps this woman get it done! Grace will take you places that hustling can’t!

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Meet Author Areatae McGhee

We had the opportunity to chat with Author Areatae and learn more about her inspiration as a writer and upcoming projects:

PW: Tell us your story, who is “Areatae” off paper?

AM: I am a Mother, Educator, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and Friend. Out of all the hats I wear, I work hard to be the best Mother for my child every day. I love music. I listen to it every day as it inspires me to write or matches my mood and feelings. I love to learn. I love to assist individuals and families and entrepreneurs with locating resources to support their families or businesses. I’m a daddy’s girl. I enjoy taking naps and spending time with my family. I love the sunlight, mountains, plus the sound of rain. 

PW: What inspired your writings?

AM: Music inspired me to write.  My father was a bass player and many of my family members were musicians, singers, and band mates. Life inspires me to write.  My roles as a Mother, Professional, Sister and Friend inspires me to write. 

PW: What do you want readers to get from your message?

AM: I want readers to be inspired by my words, share in my experiences, and speak about them to others if they relate to them. And even if they don’t relate to my work, knowing that they are lovers of words is just enough to listen to what I have to say by hearing the tones and passion in the sentences that I write.

PW: Which authors inspire your style of writing?

AM: The first Author is Tupac Shakur.  Many know him as just a Rapper, but he was more than that. As a Poet, he could move words all over the page and make you feel apart of his writing. Intelligent. This brings me to Maya Angelou, one of the greatest Poets of all time. She embraces words and forms sentences that spark your thoughts as second guesses when they are facts. Passionate. Lastly, is Saul Williams who is the emotion,  passion, and fire in the room all at the same time.

PW: What’s next for you, any upcoming projects?

AM: I’m excited,  I have my third book coming out this month on May 16th, called Silent Echoes. This book shares 69 creative, quick pick-me-up positive affirmations and motivational quotes to support your peace of mind.

PW: Bonus Question: What advice do you have for an aspiring author?  

AM: Never stop learning. Teach yourself by working with others. Learn to network with Creators, Writers, Publishers, Illustrators, and business owners. They are all working to execute a task and constantly learning. Write what you love, want to share and always acknowledge that you have a platform use it to share positive and kind words. Also, know that the generation behind us are watching. Be a leader and supportive to our youth.  

If you would like to connect with Author Areatae McGhee, Visit her sites:

Her Books are available for Purchase



Mom, Wife, Married To Medicine LA Star & Business Mogul: Lia Dias

Lia Dias, is the ultimate mom/wifepreneur. she prides herself in empower and uplifting women in the beauty industry. She is a Inglewood native and owner of THE GIRL CAVE LOS ANGELES. She is also the owner of a juice bar, a real estate mogul, and former model and Now Rising TV Star. Her goal is to provide a realistic view of beauty for all women.The Girl Cave Los Angeles brand is not just for beauty but for empowering other women to follow their dreams as well.

We had the chance to chat with the Beautiful Lia Dias, Let’s jump right in:

PWH: Tell me something about you that people can’t find on paper?

LD: Hmmmm… I love this question! I will respond one good and one not so good thing.

Good : During the quarantine I have picked up new hobbies like baking, cooking and gardening. If you know me you know that these new hobbies are FAR from my norm.

Bad: I have a horrible temper! I am working on it .

PWH: What can we expect from you this season On Married To Medicine LA?

LD: Viewers can expect to see me be introduced to a strong group of women . I had some difficulty ( to say the least) navigating so many dynamic personalities. I also think people will see different aspects of my VERY FULL life! From being a mom, supporting my husband’s growing practice, while also maintaining my own businesses. 

PWH: You are a wife, Mom, Entrepreneur and Mogul. How do you balance it all?

LD: If I am being honest I can admit that I struggle with balancing it all. I have learned to have grace with myself and  to not be so hard on myself for some times falling short. I take care of the immediate and emergencies first and from there do the best I can. 

PWH: Tell us about your brand The Girl Cave LA? 

LD: I started The Girl Cave LA after being mistreated in a beauty supply store as a customer. I thought , “why do I have such negative experiences in stores that were designed to cater to me and women like me”. I took a small savings and started with limited resources and put everything I had into it to grow the business to what it is today. The Girl Cave , LA consist of three retail locations and a e-commerce site. My stores carry hundreds of different hair products, wigs, accessories. It’s literally a woman’s beauty playground!

PWH: In your words what does it mean to be beautiful? 

LD: In my opinion beauty is one word CONFIDENCE !

It has less to do with your outside appearance and all to do with how you carry yourself.

PWH: Tell us about Ten Lessons Learned E-Book?

LD: Ten Lessons Learned came after I forced myself to sit down and reflect. It came from me wanting to understand where I was going next so I wrote down all the things I had learned so I could start planning my next steps. For me reflecting is the first thing to do before stepping into a new space. After that reflection I felt that everything I knew and learned would be helpful to other women in business. 

PWH: How are you currently practicing self care?

LW: With a husband, three kids, and four businesses self care some times gets lost in the mix. Self care for me is not always as elaborate as a day away at the spa. A lot of times it’s just the small things like putting the kids to bed early and having dessert… ALONE!

I try to make sure that at least a couple times of week I make time to have a glass of wine, get in the jacuzzi and just have quiet time.

PWH: What’s Next for You?

LD: Honestly don’t know what next for me! Right now I have so many new opportunities and I want to make sure that whatever I do next I am passionate about it. For now it’s focusing on The Girl Cave LA . 

To learn more about Lia Dias and The Girl Cave LA Brand visit them online at