Mom, Wife, Married To Medicine LA Star & Business Mogul: Lia Dias

Lia Dias, is the ultimate mom/wifepreneur. she prides herself in empower and uplifting women in the beauty industry. She is a Inglewood native and owner of THE GIRL CAVE LOS ANGELES. She is also the owner of a juice bar, a real estate mogul, and former model and Now Rising TV Star. Her goal is to provide a realistic view of beauty for all women.The Girl Cave Los Angeles brand is not just for beauty but for empowering other women to follow their dreams as well.

We had the chance to chat with the Beautiful Lia Dias, Let’s jump right in:

PWH: Tell me something about you that people can’t find on paper?

LD: Hmmmm… I love this question! I will respond one good and one not so good thing.

Good : During the quarantine I have picked up new hobbies like baking, cooking and gardening. If you know me you know that these new hobbies are FAR from my norm.

Bad: I have a horrible temper! I am working on it .

PWH: What can we expect from you this season On Married To Medicine LA?

LD: Viewers can expect to see me be introduced to a strong group of women . I had some difficulty ( to say the least) navigating so many dynamic personalities. I also think people will see different aspects of my VERY FULL life! From being a mom, supporting my husband’s growing practice, while also maintaining my own businesses. 

PWH: You are a wife, Mom, Entrepreneur and Mogul. How do you balance it all?

LD: If I am being honest I can admit that I struggle with balancing it all. I have learned to have grace with myself and  to not be so hard on myself for some times falling short. I take care of the immediate and emergencies first and from there do the best I can. 

PWH: Tell us about your brand The Girl Cave LA? 

LD: I started The Girl Cave LA after being mistreated in a beauty supply store as a customer. I thought , “why do I have such negative experiences in stores that were designed to cater to me and women like me”. I took a small savings and started with limited resources and put everything I had into it to grow the business to what it is today. The Girl Cave , LA consist of three retail locations and a e-commerce site. My stores carry hundreds of different hair products, wigs, accessories. It’s literally a woman’s beauty playground!

PWH: In your words what does it mean to be beautiful? 

LD: In my opinion beauty is one word CONFIDENCE !

It has less to do with your outside appearance and all to do with how you carry yourself.

PWH: Tell us about Ten Lessons Learned E-Book?

LD: Ten Lessons Learned came after I forced myself to sit down and reflect. It came from me wanting to understand where I was going next so I wrote down all the things I had learned so I could start planning my next steps. For me reflecting is the first thing to do before stepping into a new space. After that reflection I felt that everything I knew and learned would be helpful to other women in business. 

PWH: How are you currently practicing self care?

LW: With a husband, three kids, and four businesses self care some times gets lost in the mix. Self care for me is not always as elaborate as a day away at the spa. A lot of times it’s just the small things like putting the kids to bed early and having dessert… ALONE!

I try to make sure that at least a couple times of week I make time to have a glass of wine, get in the jacuzzi and just have quiet time.

PWH: What’s Next for You?

LD: Honestly don’t know what next for me! Right now I have so many new opportunities and I want to make sure that whatever I do next I am passionate about it. For now it’s focusing on The Girl Cave LA . 

To learn more about Lia Dias and The Girl Cave LA Brand visit them online at

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