Author and Entrepreneur Latrina Caldwell

Latrina Caldwell is the Founder, Owner, Manager, and CEO of Choose 2 Change Coaching and Consulting. She is an author of the published book “I am Her” available on Amazon. She has completed formal education in Human Services and served for over a decade in Social Services.

Her areas of expertise in Coaching are specific to healing, relationships, family, careers, finance, self-love, self-care, self-confidence, self-esteem, domestic violence, homelessness, and empowerment. She works with adolescents and adults from various diverse cultural backgrounds.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Latrina understands the feeling of helplessness that comes from trauma and that the journey to independence is not comfortable. She wants to give back to the communities that she loves as a beacon of comfort, healing, empowerment, growth, and understanding. Her approach to Coaching is grounded in the values of empowerment, hard work, personal commitment, and dedication to live a balanced, empowered, and fulfilling life. Latrina strives to help individuals foster stable success within themselves and beyond.

PWH: Tell us about your company, “Choose 2 Change”?

LC: Choose 2 Change Coaching & Consulting! C2C Coaching is a re-vamping program designed to coach you on recognizing, enhancing, and utilizing the power within you. We offer directly guided Coaching through the use of various techniques that you will proceed to work on in your own time with a personalized workbook designed to guide you further through this very personal journey. We are offering complimentary 10-minute consultation assessment calls! Feel free to visit the website

PWH: Besides being a coach, you are an author of an influential book entitled: “I am Her.” Tell us about it?

LC: “I am Her” Book is about a woman on a journey to finding “HER” (Healed, Empowered & Renewed). My book is a mini self-help guide. This guide will help awaken your awareness about yourself & others. Come ride along my journey of finding & accepting myself. I was so grateful to share a little bit of my journey with the world. I share my insecurities & imperfections. I also share my determination & hard work. If you ever lost yourself, this book is for you. I decided I love myself enough to become the best “HER” I can be. I decided to share my story to inspire others.

PWH: What inspired your decision to become a coach?

LC: My decision to become a Coach was a natural career path for me. I wasn’t dealt a smooth hand in life. I have been used, abused, broken & mistreated. I suffered a lot of trauma & abuse during my pregnancy. My daughter suffered from mental health obstacles behind my abuse. My daughter was in my stomach she felt all my pain. As I sought help for her, she helped me start to love myself more. Loving myself more motivated me to seek help for my mental health. I wasn’t able to heal before becoming a mom at 19 years old, then my 2nd daughter at age 23, from things I experienced during my childhood. But, My daughters motivated me to be a better version of myself. As I went through my levels within the transition to becoming “HER,” I helped others. I was always giving to others when I had nothing to offer. I would speak in class (college)about a topic after class people would line up to talk to me. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I would lead by example and give my honest opinion. I motivated them consistently while working on an action plan we created. As I went through college & working in the field, I learned that I’m the “help” it’s a calling to serve my father’s people.

PWH: What are some challenges you faced when becoming an author?

LC: I faced a few challenges during the process of completing my book. I was already over-worked and drained, but I refuse to let anything disturb my focus. It took a little bit longer than I anticipated due to my life duties. I’m a wife, mother of 2 daughters who deal with obstacles daily. I was working full time during the day; then, in the evenings, I would see clients. I had to build myself up as a Psychotherapist in our community. Plus, I own/run a Toys for Tots drive. On top of this, I was writing my book. I had writer’s block(my mind went blank) from being exhausted. I pushed myself, I applied self-care, and I never gave up. Consistently is vital, no matter how many times you restart your mission/goal, never give up on you.

PWH: What advice would you give a current coach, who wants to publish a book?

LC: My advice to anyone who wants to become an author is to be persistent with your goal. I suggest setting goals with dates and timelines. Also, create a routine, set aside time for your project. Understand that things take time and patience. Journal and apply self-care so that you are in a great mental space to take breaks when needed and apply pressure when needed.

“A pretty woman who hustles, in my opinion, is a woman who is limitless to trying to accomplish her goals. She is confident and beautiful inside out with a pure genuine spirit. She exudes goal-getter to the highest power. She is always working on new goals; She’s always willing to help others as well. She is diligent & persistent with a humble attitude . She is a pretty woman who hustles.” – Latrina Caldwell

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