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Published author and empowerment speaker Denise Ann Kelley (Pen name D. A. Kelley) carries the message of Faith, Mental Health & forgiveness. She tells her unique story of how those three topics have shaped her life. Denise speaks to women of all ages, but if she had to pick a target audience, it would be millennials. This particular generation has gravitated to Denise, and feel comfortable talking to her about their issues. She leaves them with encouraging words, and a new sense of hope. Denise has spoken at several churches as a keynote speaker for women’s conferences, as well as a panelist for the youth, and young adults.

Denise’s inspirational testimony about how her faith in GOD, helped her to forgive in the most difficult of times, has gotten the attention of so many young women who felt lost. Denise’s knowledge of the scriptures, along with her fun-loving approach, draws you in. Denise also has a heart for women who feel like suicide is their only option.

Denise has co-authored in several anthologies geared toward hurting women and their road to recovery. She’s a co-author in RELEASE compiled by Saba Tekle, and When Women Connect, Compiled by Tyora Moody, just to name a few.

Denise has appeared on numerous internet talk shows, and has written for various women online magazines, discussing her writing, as well as other inspirational topics.

Denise is also a published Urban Christian Fiction author.

Denise is the CEO/Founder of #SOS She Overcame Suicide, LLC. She also has hosted an anthology with several women telling their stories of overcoming suicidal attempts, entitled She Overcame Suicide.

Denise’s Motto: OVERCOME! The cross makes the difference!

PWH: You are an Author and Certified Life Coach, Ghost Writer and Motivational Speaker, How do you balance it all?

DK: I balance by not overwhelming myself with a lot of projects at one time. I try to practice and maintain ‘good’ scheduling.

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

DK: I know writing is my GOD-given talent, therefore, my interest in writing was sparked as a child. Poetry is my first love, and I remember writing poetry, as well as short stories in elementary school.

PWH: What message can readers gain from reading your books?

DK: I am a Christian, so whether I’m writing fiction or non-fiction, I make a point of including Christian values in my writing. In my last three novels, one message I included in each book, was the power of forgiveness.

PWH: Tell us about your latest book entitled: She Overcame Suicide? 

DK: She Overcame Suicide, is a book of short stories from women who served in ministry, but yet struggled in silence with suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The ladies tell their stories of struggle how they came out. My goal for this book was to let ladies know even though you go to church, it’s still possible to struggle with suicidal thoughts, that you’re not alone, and more importantly you can overcome!

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects? 

DK: Yes, I have a few projects in the making. I currently write for two online women magazines. One is a mental health awareness magazine (RallyUp), and the other is a Christian magazine (Faith Heart Magazine aka FHM). I ALWAYS have a fiction novel going on in the background. I plan on publishing a She Overcame Suicide journal. I also want to start a She Overcame Suicide Podcast.

To learn more about Denise and her work visit her online

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