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Monetta Smith, originally from Los Angeles, California, spent the vast majority of her life in Texarkana, Texas. She currently lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Monetta is a 4-year widow and mother to a 15-year-old daughter with Special Needs. In no situation does Monetta consider herself a victim, but in all things a VICTOR.

Monetta wrote and self-published her first book, in October 2019, entitled “Til Death Do Us Part. This book was inspired by her journey of walking through and successfully completing the vow of marriage. Monetta is currently working on a 21-Day Devotional For Women, to release later this year, 2020.

She is a licensed Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a Prophetic Prayer Warrior and Intercessor. Monetta recently launched a small business as a Beauty Influencer. She speaks and believes Miracles, Signs, and Wonders and has a T-shirt ministry/business, God Inspired Tees, that represents what she believes. Monetta’s goal is to be and do all that she has been purposed, living life effectively, as she continues to allow Passion and Purpose to Collide.

PWH: Where did you get your start in writing?

MS: My start was inspired in 2015, after the death of my husband.

PWH: Tell us about your book, ” Till death do us part?”

MS: My book is an inspirational tool, to minister to individuals who are married, engaged, or simply just have the desire to marry. I wanted to send the message that marriage is honorable to God, therefore should be honorable to those entering in. I want them to understand that it is a ministry, and both parties have daily work to do, to ensure their spouse’s needs are being met.

PWH: Tell us about your upcoming 21 days devotional?

MS: The devotional is inspired by my prayer life and ministry of prayer, along with my purpose to encourage. It is written for Women, with messages to encourage them to be their absolute best selves, while developing a personal devotional life and communication with God, allowing him to help them navigate the realities of life. In this devotional, I will speak to the whole woman (Mind, body, and soul), that she may know who she is, tap there and live purposefully.

PWH: Tell us about your business as a beauty influencer?

MS: I am a New and growing Beauty Influencer. I am learning as well as developing my business, to ensure that who I am as an Influencer in life, pours into my business. Assisting those to enhance their lives through skincare, beauty products,

and overall allowing the beauty of who they are internal, to exude externally. It is my goal to ensure that everything I am, is exhibited through everything I do. No one is Beautiful without tapping into BEING YOU. Therefore my motto is BE-YOU-T-Ful as Being You will ensure a natural, purposeful BEAUTY.

PWH: What is your overall mission?

PWH: My overall mission is To give all of me, that I may impact all of those I am assigned to, that their very best selves will be given in this life, as God has purposed. I believe we really are our Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper. Until purpose is discovered, we are just existing and not excelling.

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