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Colleen and Bridgett are two “50 something” women who started a weekly podcast for women in midlife and beyond.  The mission of the podcast is to change the narrative of midlife and beyond as well as share the good, the bad and the freedoms women earn in this stage of life.  Colleen is a former attorney, stay at home mom, Pilates instructor and now pod-caster.  Bridgett is a former elementary school teacher, stay at home mom, actress and now pod-caster.  Together, they tell stories from their own life journeys and speak to experts about many midlife women’s issues like peri/menopause, empty nesting, career changes and lifestyle pivots.  

PWH: Hot Flashes and Cool Topics, tell us how you came up with the name?

 HFCT: We wanted something that was instantly recognizable to women and covered midlife and beyond.  Hot Flashes was first because a large number of women in our demographic (40-65) are either going through or have gone through menopause.  The cool topics covers all the amazing things women do, want or think about in this stage of life.  Women are not one dimensional and we wanted the podcast title to reflect that.

PWH:describe your ideal audience?

HFCT: We wanted this podcast to speak to women in midlife and beyond so our ideal audience is women 40 and older.  We have found that some moms are having their daughters listen to episodes about midlife issues so they can understand their moms better and recognize issues when they get older.

PWH: describe your brand in 3 words?

HFCT: That is a hard one to choose: “Women in Midlife” or “Midlife and Beyond” 

PWH: What Can women learn from your show?

HFCT: We have been learning so much since we pressed record on this show.  We have been blessed to talk to women who have changed careers in midlife, survived life’s ups and downs, menopause experts, travel ideas, stylists and make up experts for women over 40 and so much more.  As many have said before us: It is never too late and you’re never too old.  We want women to know that life is constantly giving them opportunities to learn and grow regardless of their age and just like time, the privileges to learn, to change and to grow do not stop.

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what crosses your mind? 

HFCT: A confident woman who is ready to put in the hard work to achieve her goals.

They aim for the podcast to be interactive because there are women in midlife or beyond who feel invisible. We know, however, that women in this chapter of life are accomplishing amazing things in both business and personal triumphs.  Women who feel unheard need to know we are listening and they are not alone.  Our goal is to change that old narrative and have women share their ideas for the future. 

We love hearing topic ideas by email:  The podcast is very conversational and we often hear that women feel like they are sitting at the table with us discussing topics and we love that.  

Our website is also full of midlife articles, blogs, previous episodes, shopping and links to our YouTube channel.  We have Roundtables on the YouTube Channel where we get several midlife women together to discuss topics from the show.  Our blogs have a series called Freedom in Your 50s.  We try to cover the bases for women.

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