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For the past couple of years, Amena has been doing much self-development, inner work, journaling, meditating, reading, and rediscovering herself & she found her inner calling. She realized she is supposed to help women who want to up-level their self-esteem and self-confidence and tap into their feminine energy. She was at a point where she felt worthless & from there, uplifted herself, and she had risen above what had torn her apart. When she went through her inner work journey, she discovered so many callings, had a lot of spiritual awakenings, and genuinely connected to her heart. She centered myself into my passion, which is to guide other women to find their purpose and passion and love themselves through the process of embracing their souls.

Her journey has been a story of overcoming and resilience. A story she wants for you, too. She moved past her fear of what other people would think. She overcame negative self-talk, which always held her back and moved on to doing and achieving things that inspired her. She built her confidence and self-esteem from within and learned to be patient and calm with the process and love herself throughout the difficult phases in her life.

She connected with tons of like-minded women and guided them in their journey. She found her inner calling: to help other women do the same. It is her mission to help women who want to up-level their self-esteem and self-confidence and tap into their feminine energy.

Now she is a self-love and self-esteem coach for women who want to connect with their feminine energy and tap into their worthiness. She helps women overcome stress, anxiety, fears, mindset blocks, and obstacles by tools and techniques to help them to embody their feminine energy and act from a place of abundance. She helps women overcome being overwhelmed and the need to perform continually, be a perfectionist by working on their mindset, and learning how to master their emotions.

PWH: we are going to dive in with the heart to heart questions. What does it mean to love yourself?

AA: We often find it a challenge to love ourselves because we believe it is associated with a sense of selfishness. Doing something good and being of help and support to others give us instant gratification. Our brains are always looking for instant gratification and pleasure. So that’s why from an early age, most of us are ingrained to put others before ourselves, please other people, look outside for validation, and want to be appreciated by others. We can get so caught up with this that we end up carrying out this thought process from our early childhood to adolescence to adulthood and miss out on ourselves. Many people struggle with self-love. Self-love means to respect and honor what we feel and how we feel. It means to allow our emotions to be seen,heard and taken care of. It means to allow our guards to be open and to embrace vulnerability. Loving yourself means you choose to put yourself as a priority and not neglect yourself. It means to listen to your mind, body, and soul and get your needs met, your wishes and desires made reality and to achieve your goals.

PWH: To the reader, who is lost and struggling to believe in yourself, what words do you have for her to uplevel her confidence?

AA: If you have lost your self-confidence, I want you to know that you can get it all back, but you have to want to have it at a deeper level. You have to be all in. When you catch yourself with negative thoughts, those inner voices that tell you that you are not good enough, you are not worthy, you don’t know anything etc.- I want you first to catch those negative voices and start realizing that they are just thoughts that’s it. They are not the reality because you could also create positive feelings. What if you started thinking positively and got things done towards your goals? How does that feel? I want you to remember this as well. Remember, your thoughts are only your thoughts. You have the power and ability to choose if you will believe in faith or fear. Both cannot exist at the same time, so choose religion. And when doing so, you will still come across concern because it will challenge you every step of the way. During that time, please remind yourself that you are good enough, you have what it takes, and you can do it. Saying and believing this repeatedly will help boost your confidence. Also, if you take consistent action towards your goals and see yourself progressing, you will have more confidence.

PWH: You have a free workbook dedicated to building self-confidence, tell us about that?

AA: My free workbook on self-confidence covers several areas where you can work with to build your confidence. It has tips, exercises, journal prompts, action steps, and affirmations to guide you through the process. I put in much work behind creating this workbook for women who want to start working on their self-esteem and self-confidence. Many women have seen tremendous results by just following through the workbook and implementing the techniques. This is the link to get my free workbook on Uplevel Your Self-Confidence:

PWH: Tell us about your Anthology entitled: She embraces her soul?

AA: She Embraces Her Soul is a book I have written, which is about women learning to love and prioritize themselves. This book contains various stories of ladies in their distinct journeys of life and what they learned through their life lessons. It not only gives you a peek into the average woman’s view of self-love and self-esteem, but also spreads the message of how critical and substantial our self- worth and self-confidence is in our lives. Every woman’s path is diverse, but her destination is not. Women want to be loved, seen, and heard for who they are. We desire inner peace and to recover from all that has hurt us in the past. We want to release the old and make space for new beginnings – to allow compassionate love to flow through us. We want to be brave and empowered and connected to our inner feminine beings. I hope in my book you find the strength and courage that you are looking for as you hear about several women of different ages being faced with real-life scenarios and coming to a point where they embrace life by embracing themselves inside and out. This is the link to signup to read my book for free:

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what crosses your mind?

AA: I think a pretty woman who hustles’ is an ambitious, independent and freedom-loving person. I strongly admire women as such because they are connecting with their passions and achieving their goals. To me, this is very powerful, bold, and beautiful. I am all for women empowering women.

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