Registered Nurse Keisha Lewis-Nesbitt releases first children’s book “Become a Home Health Nurse

Keisha Lewis-Nesbitt has been a Registered Nurse for 22 years, and holds a Master’s Degree, in Nursing Education. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca, she currently resides in Fresno, CA, with her son Landon. Her experience includes a wide range of nursing; including medical-surgical, perioperative services, traveling nursing, home health, infusion nursing, and nursing education/administration. Keisha, currently is working as an Infusion Home Health Nurse, and a District Nurse Administrator, overseeing several community clinics in the Fresno area. She enjoys spending time with her son and loved ones, traveling, working on creative projects, volunteering in community projects, and being an active member of the National Black Nurses Association, Jack and Jill of America, and living her best life.

PWH: How did you get your start in the healthcare field?

KN: I’ve been a nurse for 22 years, I initially obtained my RN license and an Associate Degree in Nursing. Over the years, I’ve worked in a variety of settings, i.e hospitals, clinics, and home health. Currently, I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Nursing, and work for a community health clinic, as the Director of Nursing.

PWH: What is a typical day like for a Home Health Nurse?

KN: Typical day starts by confirming assignment and route for the day, reviewing patient charts, and ensuring all the supplies are prepared for the day. In addition, calling doctors as needed, to ensure patients have medical needs authorized. Visits can include, but not limited to, physical exams, vital signs, wound care, medication and IV administration, training and education to family and patients, and documenting in patients chart health status, and goals for next visit.

PWH: How are you staying safe during this pandemic?

KN: I’m staying safe by practicing social distancing, exercising, eating healthy, resting, and taking vitamins. I constantly protect myself, by ensuring I wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, and gowns and protective eyewear as needed, frequent handwashing, and disinfecting everything. In addition, practice guidelines recommended by the CDC and Public Health Department. I maintain my Faith, by practicing continuous Faith over Fear.

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

KN: Becoming a children’s author recently became a passion of mine, to educate

young children about the variety of career options in nursing.

PWH: Tell us about Your book, Becoming a Home Health Nurse?

KN: Discover the World of Nursing vision was created, to inspire children of all ages to explore the world of nursing. Home Health is one specialty area of Nursing amongst many, where nurses visit patients in their homes, providing a variety of home care services to patients of all ages. Services include administering medications, wound care, health education, and the development of care plans based on medical diagnosis. Nurse KeKe takes the reader on an amazing, yet educational adventure, traveling from home to home, taking care of a variety of patients.

PWH: What message do you want kids to take away from your work?

KN: I want kids to be well informed of home health nursing, as an alternative role in nursing to keep patients safe. More importantly dreams do become reality with hard work, and perseverance.

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