October 17, 2021


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Best Selling Author Erica T Capri

Erica T Capri is the best-seller author of A Thin Line Between Love & Obsession, A Thin Line Between Love & Fear & Prayers for the PREY books. She is also the COO of Gemlight Publishing LLC and the voice of GEM TALK Podcast.

As a strong advocate of Spirituality and Empowerment, she involves her followers in her professional interests focusing on communicative approaches to learning their true purpose in life.

Erica is a frequent speaker at community functions and serves many young entrepreneurs.

PWH: Describe Erica in 3 words?

EC: A goal-getter!

PWH: Tell us about Gemlight publishing LLC?

EC: An Innovative full-service Independent publishing house company located on the Gulf-Coast. We pride our work on bringing our author’s vision to light. With the motto, “Every GEM deserves the SPOTLIGHT!”

We a one-stop source company that provides customers with publishing, production, promotional, and printing services.

PWH: What can listeners gain from your podcast?

EC: Authentic topics that are transformational, inspiring, and empowering to their souls. Upbeat and energetics with different bits of advice on lifestyle, love, belief, and career. They can expect a “NEW WAY OF LISTENING!”

PWH: You have several books out, tell us about them?

EC: A thin line BOOK, “Unravel Series.”

1st Edition “A Thin Line Between Love & Obsession.” Which is a massive story of a Christian woman named Kendall Alexander who struggles in her marriage? It starts glorious and ends with lust, lies, and deceit.

2nd Edition book entitled “A Thin Line Between LOVE & FEAR “

Kendall can’t go wrong with finding new love after the devastating end of her marriage. She received shocking news and bled the help of God to get her through the obstacles and vicious crime that came against her.

Prayers for the PREY, The Escape plan to overcoming sexual abuse. A book filled with devotion, scriptures, prayers, and empowerment. It is a book that strongly encourages women to take God’s hand through every passage they read to guide them away from the dark and traumatic experience of being sexually abused.

PWH: What is your common message to readers in all your books?

EC: The message in my book’s readers can expect the reality of life. Things that happen to people daily and how many are dealing with these issues from the through their lens.

PWH: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

EC: Never give up on your dreams as a writer. Don’t allow the action of people to dictate your reaction. People will support who they want, but as long as you invest in yourself, there will be a time when others will too.

“Don’t quit because the beginning is always the hardest.”

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