CEO Morgan Banks and The Capri Couture Creations Brand

Morgan Banks, is a stunning, smart, and witty girl from Baltimore, Maryland. Founder and CEO of Capri Couture Creations, a creative and prophetic writing space online. A niche for writing evolved into an online blog, created to encourage, inspire, and motivate young believers in Christ both mentally and spiritually through life. She’s a mother to a little boy named Omari Easley, a full time leasing professional, singer and songwriter, and mentor. Exceeding five years, in youth ministry leadership. Morgan was one of two students to start and after the bible study program in her county in the year of 2014. Through her own experience of disappointments and personal struggles she also founded “Graced for it” podcast based on 2 Corinthians 12:9. She believes we weren’t just made for the things we do and produce but in fact, we are Graced for it. Morgan is a current student at Grand Canyon University pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Global ministry. She aspires to author many books, build her brand, and infiltrate the school systems with mentoring programs for all ages. Morgan desires most of all to speak, write, sing, and mentor until she’s reached everyone she’s been designed to touch. Her life story is jaw-dropping and heartwarming because it all leads to God never-ending love which she most cares to express to others daily.

PWH: In six words describe your brand.

MB: Faith-Filled – Empowering – Bold – Compassionate – Transparent – Intimate

 PWH: You are the creator of Capri Couture Creations, what can readers gain from your site?

MB: Capri Couture Creations is more than just a blog. It’s a transformative online experience where writers and creatives can blossom. When you read the blogs, you’re not just reading words on a screen. You’re gaining revelation, perspective, and insight. There is freedom in every word written and not only are the writers being healed, but the readers are as well.  Our goal is to empower women to boldly write their stories, audaciously pursue healing, and execute ideas and dreams that once felt unreachable; that is exactly what happens when visitors come to the site and interact with everything we have to offer.

 PWH: You have a podcast entitled: Graced for it, please tell us about your show?

MB: Graced For It, is founded on 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness”. On this show, I share my own testimony and the testimonies of other individuals who triumph over their weaknesses through God’s perfect grace. In addition to the stories, we have weekly affirmations with Alexis Urquhart, a mental health advocate, to help us refresh and renew our minds. Each episode reminds listeners to take a deeper look at where God’s grace has influenced their lives as well as encourages them to do all the things that God has called them to. 

 PWH: You have a creative writers Summit this year, what inspired you to start this event?

MB: The Creative Writers Summit was born from a place in my life that I’ll never forget…discovering the news of my soon to come son. I knew that my story was long overdue. I was burned out from the turmoil of life’s situations and I just needed an outlet. Writing my book wasn’t just a checked off goal; it was the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one. I pushed past my writer’s block and started writing until I emptied myself out. Through my writing, I was able to heal from my past and launch into a great future. When God gave me the vision for The Creative Writer’s Summit, he told me this is for “The Writers of The New Decade”. This event is an opportunity for writers and creatives to experience healing through writing. During this one-day transformative event, writers and creatives with diverse stories come to unpack the books inside of them and leave with everything they need to start writing for God’s glory.

 PWH: What can upcoming writers expect at this summit, and how do they register?

MB: Due to the virus we have pushed our event back to August 2021. We will be sending updates through our email campaign.

Attendees can expect to be ready to move from thoughts to paper, to reality. This is not another event where you feel temporarily inspired, rather you will leave equipped to take action and start writing. We’ll have a diverse lineup of powerhouse speakers and writers sharing their testimonies and giving valuable insight on various topics such as:

  • Overcoming Burnout
  • Healing Through Writing
  • Ageism In Writing

We’ll also have intimate breakout sessions, worship sessions, vendors, prizes, and so much more. Registration information for The Writers Summit will be released later this year; until then you can sign up for our email list to be the first to know all of the details, by visiting

PWH: Bonus: Describe your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

MB: A pretty woman who hustles is a woman who is not just beautiful externally but internally as well. Her hustle isn’t in a grind that literally grinds her to dust, instead, she takes the attitude of a  hustler, “by any means necessary”, and uses it to accomplish the vision God has given her. On her way to the top, she reaches her hand back down to bring other women with her.

To Learn more about Morgan and The Capri Couture Creations Brand visit them online at

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