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Rochelle Washington is an Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, and Sexual Abuse Advocate. Rochelle has a passion to want to see others bounce back from hardships and painful situations, and somehow discover the purpose that was buried deep from within.

As an advocate of sexual abuse, Rochelle has decided to reach as many people as possible that may have called it quits on life. Her aim is to share her experience to help those who need to hit the RESET button in their life.

Rochelle believes that one of her God-given gifts is to seek out greatness in all humans. When she is not spending quality family time, or indulging in an activity that promotes balance and self-care, she is out in the community pouring into the lives of women from various backgrounds and speaking life into lifeless situations. Rochelle believes that “Keeping focused on the bigger picture is important, but guidance to the next step is very necessary.” You can witness firsthand her ability to gain strength from what was designed to

literally take her out by engaging in her memoir, I Testify-Seven Days of Healing.

Rochelle believes in the “Power of one.” All it takes is one right person, one right word, one right action, one right idea, and one right moment to help encourage someone to make their life better.

PWH: How Long have you been writing exactly?

RW: I want to believe that I have been writing since I was a child by scribbling on notepads. However, the real informal process began in my early twenties.

PWH: You are an Author and Speaker, what message do you hope readers take away from your work?

RW: Once a reader has engaged with me, I want them to walk away empowered believing that they can now do anything. I want them to know that they can overcome any obstacle that has been holding them down is no longer an issue and there are solutions available in this world for them to get their next level.

PWH: What is the inspiration behind your book I Testify: Seven Days of Healing?

RW: The inspiration behind I Testify is that your raw truth is the healing you need to overcome and a voice for so many others who have suffered in silence of trauma and abuse.

PWH: What did the writing process entail for this book?

RW: The writing process took 10 years for me. Years of emotional and mental triggers, setbacks, not understanding the process of publishing a book, and may sacrifices until I finished the project.

PWH: What advice do you have for someone wanting to write a book?

RW: I would advise someone to start writing and with a plan date to finish. Get with a team that “knows” the process and will hold you accountable to your desired completion date. However, do not deviate from your voice. I have my unique voice and would advise anyone to be authentic when speaking to your audience.

PWH: Bonus: Do you have any upcoming Projects?

RW: I have a couple of books in the works as well as a few songs, and possibly would like to expand my artistry into short film production in the coming years.

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