CEO Angela Sheree’ and The Ever Evolving Women Brand

Angela Sheree’ is the Founder of  Ever Evolving Women and Host of The Ever-Evolving Podcast! ⠀

Angela has always held a passion for helping young women through the twists and turns that life brings us all.⠀

Her life has been full of personal struggles so her heart goes out to women who are striving to better themselves and their lives by overcoming certain decisions and pitfalls they’ve experienced.⠀

Being a teen mom and a single mother, Angela always felt like it would have been so helpful to have someone to talk to and help her along the journey of Womanhood, and after going through a series of the most traumatic and life-changing events she ever experienced at the start of the year, which included a car repossession, loss of love, a miscarriage, and a big move to a new city and coming out of it, stronger and better than ever!⠀

Angela had to share that strength, knowledge, and passion of perseverance with someone else that could benefit from it, thus Ever Evolving Women was born which has grown leaps and bounds, including a strong offline community and podcast!

PWH: Describe your brand in four words: 

AS: Purposeful, Fun, Relatable, Unique 

PWH: What inspired the name ever-evolving Women?

AS: Quite simply put as Women we are always evolving! We’re not the same Woman in our 30s that we were in our 20s. We become Mothers, Wives, & Business Owners and with a shift in life, we evolve and identify new parts of ourselves, or at least should be! We should never get comfortable with where we are, we should always seek to grow and become better!  

PWH: What can listeners expect from a typical episode of your podcast?

AS: The REAL! I don’t believe in sugar coating and I believe that people need to hear your truth in order to combat their own. Our motto is, “We can not heal what we hide, so let’s talk about it!” That’s exactly what you can expect! We talk about the things that most shy away from. 

PWH: what is the mission of Ever Evolving Women? AS: The mission of Ever Evolving Women to change the narrative of Sisterhood by uniting Women together authentically! A lot of women have had bad experiences when it comes to befriending other Women and once you get into your 30s it seems to be more difficult, but we seek to change that and make finding your tribe a little easier! Once we come together we take on helping each other, keeping one another accountable, & creating a safe space for healing and growth! 

PWH: What key message do you hope women take away when they encounter your brand?

AS: I hope that each Woman that comes across my brand, will know that she’s not alone! We’re all attempting to walk this thing called life out and it gets hard and it gets messy, but we’re here for you! Whether it’s just to share a story that keeps you going, to support your business, or hold your hand through difficulties, Ever-Evolving Women and The Ever-Evolving Podcast was created just for you!  

The Ever-Evolving community can be found at @everevolvingwomen and and the podcast can be found at @theeverevolvingpodcast and

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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