Lilian Sue CEO of InRetrospect

Lilian Sue CEO of InRetrospect

Lilian is in the storytelling and relationship building business. She takes your stories and translate them into copy that converts to sales, strikes a chord with audiences and constantly raises expectations. You can consistently expand your business and gain loyal customers, online and offline.

Lilian became a copywriter because as a long time creative writer, she knows that smart, engaging content is content that piques your audience’s curiosity, makes them fall in love, and fulfills their needs. Creating compelling copy is about focusing on your audience.

Lilian became a publicist and social media strategist because creating copy that converts means that you have to first understand where your audiences is, how they communicate, and what they value. As both a publicist and social media strategist, She builds relationships with media, influencers and brand advocates worldwide, creating engaging content that audiences love.

Whether you need a copywriter who can collaborate with teams to increase sales, a publicist who can attract investor attention, or a social media strategist who can build fan bases & raise awareness, Lilian is there to help!

PWH: Describe your brand in four words.

LS: Maximizing sales and international recognition

PWH: what exactly is copywriting, for readers who may not know?

LS: Copywriting is any kind of writing that converts, that encourages audiences to take an action such as click on a link, sign up for a newsletter, watch a video, or purchase something.

PWH: What are the benefits of hiring a copywriter and publicist for a campaign?

LS: The benefits of hiring a copywriter for a campaign is that you’ll be getting a writer who understands that in order to help you increase sales, raise awareness and gain subscribers, your copy has to focus on how you benefit the consumer, how the products and services you offer can address customer pain points and solve their problems. A copywriter will help you tailor the copy for any campaign to fulfill customer needs. A publicist with a robust & well-connected network can help projects, products and services achieve international recognition through an in-depth campaign that connects them with global audiences, bloggers, podcasts, influencers, and other media around the world. Through these in-depth campaigns, a publicist can help projects secure funding and distribution, products, and services to increase sales and communities grow their subscriber base.

PWH: Where can we find your work?

LS: You can find my work here:

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