Urbannature4Kids CEO Raven Wright

Urbannature4Kids CEO Raven Wright

Urbannature4kids is a non-profit organization located in Detroit, MI. The Founder and CEO Raven Wright has a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Master’s in Urban Planning from Wayne State University. She founded the organization in 2017 and registered the organization as a non-profit in March of 2019. The idea came from a graduate Social Entrepreneurship course three years ago. Today Urbannature4kids is a website and free information portal for elementary school-aged children in grades K-4. Our mission is to expose children to environmental STEM career fields at an early age. Career fields such as Environmental Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, and Environmental Science are featured on our website.

Urbannature4kids is mainly geared towards children who reside in low-income communities in the metro Detroit area. Urbannature4kids became a part of the Geo-mentors program in 2019. Ever since we have consistently worked towards the goal of encouraging public schools to implement G.I.S. into their curriculum. On our website and Facebook page, parents and teachers can access G.I.S. materials for children. We have a G.I.S. web page that directs visitors to free downloads and introductory G.I.S. courses from Esri and Qgis. There are also examples of ArcGIS maps and projects on our G.I.S. and blog page.

In the Summer of 2020 Raven Wright wrote and published an ebook called the Urbannature4kids Earth Science Lesson Plan: Earth Science for Elementary School-Aged Children. The ebook is for children in grades K-4. The ebook is available only on Amazon.com and Kindle Unlimited. The ebook features digitally interactive Earth Science worksheets, quizzes, videos, links to Geographic Information Systems activities by ESRI, and printable word searches and games.

The ebook is only $4.99 and is geared towards parents, teachers, and students who reside in low-income communities. Students who are struggling with their academics and have low science or low M-Step Science test scores can benefit greatly from the ebook. Urban Nature For Kids has received positive feedback from parents, teachers, and Geologists about the ebook. Students will need an internet connection to access the links.

To Purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B1BK6PH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_CVkoFb83FMS8P

Please visit Urbannature4kids.com to access Earth Science worksheets, games, quizzes, education news, and Geographic Information Systems courses. Also, follow Urbannature4kids on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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