Author Cherie Feemster

Cherie Feemster is an educator of over thirteen years with the passion to helpchildren to learn beyond the classroom. She is passionate about encouraging children to use their imagination to learn and wrote the children’s book A Walk Down Phonics Lane, helping children see how they have the ability to do just that with bringing nature to life! Cherie graduated from Ashford University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and North Carolina A& T State University with a Master of Arts in Teaching. She is an advocate of education and literacy for young children becoming readers. Cherie hopes to continue her writing journey with her next book in the series of A walk Down Phonics lane and continue to inspire children to ignite their imagination within and learn everywhere they go!

PWH: What inspired you to start writing?

CF: I was inspired to write by my own children and students as an educator. I wanted to create stories that children could relate to and would ignite the desire to use their imagination in their learning. 

PWH: How would you describe your writing style?

CF: My writing style would be one of adventure that stimulates the mind of a young reader to continue after their own adventures of learning and reading. 

PWH: What motivated your title “A Walk Down Phonics Lane”?

CF: I wanted children to understand and learn that you can learn EVERYWHERE you go using your imagination! 

PWH: What key message do you hope readers gain from your work?

CF: Being an Educator of Early Education I would love for my audience to see the importance of displaying opportunities of reading and learning for children early and help with the beginning stages of phonics and literacy. 

PWH: Where can readers support and purchase this book?

CF: You may visit my website for autographed copies and amazon for both paperback and Kindle version. (Click on the book to purchase via Amazon)

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