It’s National Singles Week so Lets Turn up!

It’s National Singles Week so Lets Turn up!


So I just got into these fun National Holidays and weeks and when I was doing some research, I came across National Singles Week! Yas ladies (and gents), lets celebrate our singlehood and truly embrace it wholeheartedly!

National Singles Week is dedicated to the singletons of the nation. This week of September 20th-September 26th is dedicated for just us singles! So for all of my singles all over, enjoy the rest of today and also tomorrow as it is stated that tomorrow is the last day. Thanks to the National Calendar for creating such a wonderful week for the singles! Here are some fun things you can do to celebrate your singleness!


~Create a video or slideshow of yourself with your favorite selfies. 

~Have a playlist for yourself with all the music you love most

~Buy a bottle of wine and have a relaxing evening with just you

~If you are feeling artsy, then create a collage with construction paper and print out some of your fave pictures and glue them on. Get some art supplies and get festive!

~Ladies if you enjoy dancing, then get dolled up and create a dance video.



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