Using the Power of Speaking to Market your Brand with Pitch Expert, Quinn Conyers

Quinn Conyers teaches women in business how to turn virtual conversations into cash so they can profit from public speaking ON and OFFLINE. As a transformational speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur, she’s on a mission to train women entrepreneurs on how to leverage their VOICE in every aspect of their business.

With over 10 years of speaking experience, Quinn has taught hundreds of audiences how to be the spokesperson for their business, book, or brand by eliminating discount dialects and leveraging luxury language so they can monetize and maximize every speaking opportunity (especially the free ones). Quinn has won over $77,000 speaking about her company in business pitch competitions and averaged over 6-figures in annual sales as the Chief Fashion Officer of her bag business Purse Paparazzi.

Quinn has been featured in Black Enterprise, Essence, and Young Money Magazines and numerous local media outlets as a result of her business and speaking accomplishments. She’s made it to the 2nd round of Shark Tank auditions 4X and appeared on the Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch TV Show. She is now on a mission to ensure black women in business are clear, concise, and compelling every time they open their mouth through her movement Speak Black Woman! Quinn earned her bachelor from West Chester University in PA and a Masters from Howard University in Washington DC.

PWH: Describe yourself and what you do in six words.

QC: Empower black women entrepreneurs to use their voice.

PWH: What is your definition of Success?

QC: Living what you have created, seen in your dreams, or placed on your vision board — and being fulfilled while doing it!

PWH: How would you describe your work-life balance right now?

QC: Better than before due to systems and people I have put in place to help me be more intentional and conscious of prioritizing what needs my immediate attention and response in the moment — whether that be business or family.

PWH: How have you managed to stay on top of your game during the pandemic?

QC: Systems, structure, and hiring help where I need to.

PWH: What advice/tips do you have for a new entrepreneur looking to grow their business the right way?

QC: Learn to be the spokesperson for your business, book, or brand. Master the art of public speaking! Rather than downplay your greatness, be able to verbalize your value, articulate your awesomeness, and pitch yourself and your ability to be transformational. Be loud and proud about your gifts and talents.

PWH: What challenges have you faced during your journey as a businesswoman?

QC: Stepping into my true, authentic voice rather than dumbing it down to play it safe for Corporate America. Finding my voice among so many other voices, and being intentional about who I want to serve in my business.

PWH: Tell us your favorite quote.

QC: “Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and they underestimate what they can do in two or three decades.” — Tony Robbins People tend to have grand ideas for the year, but not for a whole decade. Being in business is a longterm race, not a quick sprint. I am in this for the longterm. I am trying to take over this decade.

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a pretty woman who hustles?

QC: A businesswoman who is operating in her calling and purpose in a way that serves other people.

Connect with Quinn Online at

Social Media: Facebook: Quinn Conyers Instagram: @Quinn.Conyers

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CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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