How to Understand the Word “No!”

“No” is such a taboo word that many of us despise hearing it. This is especially true when you are trying to convince someone to patronize your business. We get offended just by hearing such a word! The reality is that customers and/or clients say No all the time to things that they are not interested in. To be quite honest, they even may be interested and will still pass on your service.

Let me help you out a little bit with that word “No!” You have to understand that every “No” is an opportunity to find out what the customer is actually looking for. By doing this, you show interest in their concerns and you also may potentially get a yes from them on something else. Not to mention, getting their response could even add to your business a new product or service. Not every “No” in business is a closed door. Use that response to revamp and revisit what you are offering.

Please understand that this is not a set rule of thumb and sometimes that “No” was meant to protect you from a whole lot of headache! Look at every opportunity in a new lense. Even when the answer is “No!”

Best of Luck!

LR WILSON, Empowerment Coach


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