Reiki Master and Crystal Dealer Makes Six Figures on Pinterest!

Sharena created The Regal Phoenix from a place that she calls her Rock Bottom Season. During her most challenging times, she found herself still buying and gifting crystals to her friends and associates who needed to begin a healing process or were starting to explore the metaphysical realm. Launched on her daughter’s first birthday, November 20, 2018, and amid heavy postpartum depression, The Regal Phoenix was born and quickly placed on hold. Although barely operating for the first quarter of the year, The Regal Phoenix promptly went viral on Pinterest in 2019, and the rest has been history. A true testimony that when you heal and become aligned, you can manifest anything!

Patrice: What makes Sharena, Sharena?

Sharena: Sharena is authentic. Indeed a dope soul, I was sent here to help those who want to do the work to heal. My superpower is being non-judgmental, probably because I’ve been through some unimaginable things throughout my life, so my empathy for people runs deep. It allows me to connect with people uniquely. After experiencing healing for myself, it has become my purpose to share and see the light that beams when people heal their minds, bodies, and souls.

Patrice: Before you started your current business, you were a Real Estate Broker for fifteen years. What sparked your interest in real estate?

Sharena: I always had a love for architecture and interior design as a teenager. My Mom supported my interest and paid for me to take my first real estate class right after finishing college. I got my license a few years before the bubble burst in 2008, and it’s been lucrative for me ever since.

Patrice: Now that you have your own business and make six figures, what was the motivation/inspiration behind that? Is there a story?

Sharena: I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. I have a few businesses under my belt, including a real estate brokerage and construction company. This is my first e-commerce business. God gave me this business to create a legacy for my family. Initially, it wasn’t something that I was considering or even wanted to do. It was something that I needed to do, and God was telling me to d, through those close to me, but I wasn’t listening. The Regal Phoenix is the result of me finally listening and being obedient to God’s word.

Patrice: You specialize in crystal dealing and healing. What types of crystals do you use?

Sharena: I use all types, shapes, and sizes. My collection consists of tumbles, rough stones, points, towers, pyramids, animal figurines; you name it. In my daily practice, I use tumbles and pendulums the most. My absolute favorite crystals would probably be black tourmaline and selenite because of their abilities to transmute negative energy. Black tourmaline can be used for protection, and selenite can be used to cleanse your stones as well as your aura of psychic smog.

Patrice: Within The Regal Phoenix, what type of crystal prescriptions does your business offer?

Sharena: The Regal Phoenix offers various crystal kits to help heal our society’s most common issues, such as anxiety, obesity, insomnia, chronic pain, and more. On our Etsy shop, The Anxiety Kit is our #1 bestseller, followed by The Empath Kit. This signals that our society is hugely stressed and overstimulated emotionally. We must make more of a conscious effort to include self-care and healing into our lives, and our crystal kits offer an easy and inexpensive way to do so.

Patrice: In 2019 your business went viral on Pinterest. Congratulations on that! When you heard the news, what was going through your mind?

Sharena: I watched it unfold. Pinterest was just a portion of my marketing strategy. I didn’t think it would go viral, but I knew I needed a platform presence. It took off for about five months, and I wasn’t paying any attention to it or engaging with my audience. I started watching the numbers and putting forth the effort to grow Pinterest when my profile was about 17,000 views. That was in April 2019. From April to May, my account had 15,000 more views, so I knew it was about to pop, and I decided to master the platform through education. Pinterest is most likely the reason why The Regal Phoenix is here today. For the first quarter of the year, the website was in view mode, so customers couldn’t even check out because I couldn’t afford the monthly fees with no sales. The traffic from Pinterest was my motivation to reactivate the site, and the rest is herstory.

Patrice: A lot of people don’t know about marketing and promoting their business on Pinterest. What tips do you have for entrepreneurs and business owners for using Pinterest?

Sharena: Pinterest is not your typical social media platform. Pinterest is unique because it acts as a sort of a “dream board” for people. People use Pinterest to manifest their “wants,” so essentially, they plan their purchases for every part of their lives via this app! Use this app to sell, not to socialize. I give all the action items you need to get started strong in the Pinterest Hack 101.

Patrice: Let’s talk about your “crystal alchemy gifts.” When did you realize what your gifts were?

Sharena: When I first started collecting crystals, they gave me major headaches when I had too many near me at one time, so there was no doubt in my mind that they worked and possessed powerful energy. I was initially super sensitive to the strengths and had to be careful about using them as I learned how they work. Over time, I became obsessed with them.

Patrice: How is your business helping other women or men in their lives?

Sharena: The Regal Phoenix helps people across the globe heal, unlock their magic, and live their best lives by providing them with genuine healing crystals, authentic spiritual tools, and supplies. Often we don’t know what we need to heal from or that we even need to recover in the first place. Our shop provides the tools you need to help cleanse, heal, and manifest your greatest desires. Our products also offer a great way to give the gift of healing to someone you love or care about!

Patrice: Does your business offer any workshops for healing?

Sharena: We do not offer workshops at the moment. We offer virtual Reiki healing sessions, and we host Full Moon ceremonies from time to time.

Patrice: In what year did you publish your e-book “The Pinterest Hack 101”?

Sharena: I published it earlier this year. It was just more comfortable for me to do it that way and share my initial strategy that launched my brand. I had promised my audience training, but I could not wrap my head around delivering information. It’s a super short read, but the tips I give are vital to winning Pinterest with any product, service, or blog.

Patrice: What do you want the readers to take away from reading your book?

Sharena: It’s truly a hack, so there’s nothing to think about. The book is all about taking action. I tell you exactly what you need to do to get traffic to your website from Pinterest. The only takeaway is results, that is if you do the work. I have a Facebook Group that can be accessed via the book to support those who need help making sense of the information.

Patrice: Do you have any new projects planned for the remainder of the year?

Sharena: Right now, I am focused on Black Friday. Getting our campaigns ready and making sure we have inventory on hand. We are launching a couple of new products that weekend, so it’s been a beautiful nightmare and a simple learning process, but I wouldn’t change anything.

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