Beauty Industry Pioneer Aims to Promote Healthy Hair and Skin Routines With Company Esoteric Beauty LLC.

A pioneer in the Beauty Industry, Nyjah is the Founder and Owner of Esoteric Beauty LLC. She started her career as a CMA, and has held managerial roles in every medical practice she has worked in before branching off into the beauty industry. Driven by a mission to promote following healthy hair and skin routines, and to force the beauty industry to “Put Some Respeck” on black beauty. Nyjah is best known for inspiring people to live in their truth. Be you, be bold, be powerful. 

Nyjah has spent the last 2 years learning everything there is to know about the beauty industry — from the latest fads and trends, to formulating recipes for hair and skin care products! She constantly applies this knowledge in her role as CEO for Esoteric Beauty LLC, where she is responsible for product formulation, product purpose, and product testing. The road traveled to get to her current position was not an easy one. At the early age of 20, she got pregnant with her first daughter, Azaria, and rather than taking the “easy way out”, she decided to step up and do what needed to be done. Because she took this route, she had to leave her HBCU, Virginia Union University, to go back home to Brooklyn, where she felt her support system was stronger. She found herself working a range of different retail jobs for little to no pay, until 2017, when she graduated from Franklin Career Institute, the trade school she received her Medical Assisting Certificate from. In 2019, Nyjah found herself pregnant with her second child, Aniyah. It was this pregnancy that shifted her into “beast mode”. Throughout her pregnancy, Nyjah looked up various home remedies to help solve, or at least calm different skin problems including (but not limited to) acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, etc. for both men and women. She is also working on an all natural, organic brown girl cosmetics line, to try and eliminate some of the stress women go through when looking when shopping for makeup. Additionally, she also sells high quality bundles and wigs, and is currently working to get wigs funded by insurance companies for patients who suffer from medical related hair loss. 

All in all, Nyjah is extremely humbled and grateful for the support both she and her brand have received thus far from friends, family, and strangers alike! There is so much more in store for Esoteric Beauty LLC. and she is beyond excited to share her dreams and visions with the world!

PWH: Who is Nyjah in three words?

NM:Brilliant, resilient, & well-rounded. I make it my business to move through life’s many obstacles as well thought out as I possibly can. In the face of adversity, I make it my mission to defeat the odds, and I always come out on top in the end. I stay humble, and I stay gracious, for everything. 

PWH: What motivated your transition as a CMA into the Hair Industry?

NM: I’m still a CMA! Lol I LOVE what I do! I myself suffer from sickle cell anemia, and as a patient, I know the importance of having someone on your medical team who genuinely cares for and about you. I don’t consider myself to be in the hair industry, I say the beauty industry, my business touches on many different aspects of beauty, hair, skin, makeup, and nails. Initially, Esoteric Beauty was supposed to be a natural skincare line. I know a lot of people who suffer from things like eczema, acne, dry skin etc. What started me with hair products was actually my own hair loss from my own pregnancy. I formulated a hair growth oil, and it’s worked wonders. That snowballed into a whole new world for me. I have patients who suffer from things like cancer, alopecia, and lots of other medical conditions that cause hair loss. Most of them are women. Seeing how defeated they look from the hair loss is heartbreaking. I started with selling hair extensions, then I heard that I can get insurance companies to pay for wigs if the insured has medical hair loss. They put in an order, and my ghost wig maker actually does the wig to their liking. I want women everywhere to always feel beautiful. Idc if it’s a medical condition or not, never let anything or anyone stop your glow! You’re beautiful!

PWH: What is your inspiration behind “Esoteric Beauty LLC?

NM: We (WOC) are highly underrepresented within the beauty industry. I’m fed up. I often tell people Esoteric Beauty LLC is the “FUBU” of beauty, it’s for us, by us. Everything that I do revolves around not only black beauty, but black pride. My products are carefully crafted to treat our skin and hair, just as any accessories I may choose to add to my inventory are inspired by what’s fashionable in urban communities. Even for men! I look to the men in my life to keep me in the know with male trends. I’ve developed a beard growth oil, and I’m now starting on beard shampoo and conditioner, as well as beard balm. I’m also working on skincare for men as well. Everyone loves to be pampered, right? 

PWH: As a seasoned Hair Stylist, what is your specialty? 

NM: As a seasoned Hair Stylist, what is your specialty? I’m not a hair stylist, but anyone who knows me knows I’m a BEAST with the twist outs! My curls always come out tight & bouncy! 

PWH: What can customers expect when entering your Esoteric Beauty?

NM: It’s more of an e-comm beauty supply, but instead of a lot of different brands, everything is crafted by yours truly. When you visit my site, you can expect everything trendy in urban beauty. However, while I do cater to both men & women, the vast majority of my products are for women. I encourage everyone to scroll on through, I have 2 sites; – this one will have all of my products available at all times, and which has everything besides the bundles & wigs. I’m super geeked for the holidays! I have soooo much in store for my brand!

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