June 19, 2021


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5 Tips for Selecting a Creative Director

"Your branding is what makes an impression on your potential client" she stated. Tijania Goodwin of The Divine Connections Agency

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Creative Director and CEO, Tijania Goodwin of The Divine Connections Agency. In speaking with Tijania or “Tee” as she affectionately goes by – we discussed how important branding is to a business. “Your branding is what makes an impression on your potential client” she stated. She also shared with me 5 things that someone should consider when looking for a creative director or brand strategist.

Photo Credit: Steven Mareazi Willis

Goodwin provided the following 5 things someone should consider when looking for a creative director:

  1. See if the person is passionate about their craft.  This helps because they will be passionate about your brand and will execute the best way possible.
  2. Ask to look at a portfolio of previous projects.  This will give you insight on the type of work they do when in the creative direction role.
  3. Ask the director if they have a niche when it comes to the projects that they execute.  When asking that question, you will get a better understanding of what the strengths are from that particular individual.
  4. Will a strategy be put in place for the client. This is important because when a plan is put in place, you will get to see all the components that make the vision come to life.  It will also help with making sure you attract the right target population as well.
  5. Make sure that they are effective and that they communicate well.  Communication is key and when the director is effective, they produce amazing work.

Tijania also explains why why choosing a creative director that understands your vision is important and how it will impact your brand visibility. She goes on to state that, “Selecting a creative director who understands your vision is important because they will be able to take your brand to the next level.  You want to bring someone on board that is able to create what you cannot.  A director that is multi-faceted is definitely a plus because they can bring a lot of components in that will help bring your vision to life.  They can show off their creative skills by presenting you with ideas that can benefit you as well as their potential clients/customers. Creative directors have a special confidence within them and they also are leaders. Your brand visibility is important to them.  Strategically putting together visuals that will assist your brand/business, will of course make you more marketable.  They know the things that will capture the eye of your target audience.  The last thing you want to do is have amazing visuals and not attract the right population.  Creative Directors are responsible for developing the look, feel, and tone of a brand and executing it beautifully.”

About Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin is Media Personality, educator, serial entrepreneur and branding strategist from Philadelphia. She has worked with brands assisting them in executing their business branding, sponsorship consulting and media. She believes that defining your brand is a journey of business self-discovery. Tijania is a well-rounded person who enjoys living life through PURPOSE and with PURPOSE. She uses her life experiences to empower others to stay strong and push through all situations no matter how hard they may be. She lives by this great quote, “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it up with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” She is honestly a Mogul in the Making!

Tijania can be found on Instagram at The Tijania Experience and Purposely Bossin Up

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