“She Rests” Author Elizabeth Hope Brown

Elizabeth Hope Brown is a Director at the Housing Authority, prior to a Social Worker at The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University Department of Psychiatry & Health Behavior and Author of Est. Fourteen Forty-one Publishing.

Elizabeth has worked in diverse social service communities to include but not limited to persons with disabilities, out of school youth ages 16-24, and adult women and men with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders who are at-risk or living with HIV.

As a case manager / treatment navigator, she has served as an advocate, helped individuals navigate medical and social services environments, remove related barriers to care, and provide practical and emotional support.

Elizabeth is the founder of Lyzee’s Hope, a non-profit platform dedicated to inspiring women and building healthy families. Brown is also an entrepreneur, self-published Author of “And On The 7th Day, She Rests…” and sequel “…She Rests, Theophelia… Elizabeth is an Empowerment Speaker with over 20 years of community development experience serving in faith-based organizations, social services, communities, and schools. Brown started in grass roots organizations she grew up in as a child and immediately took on leadership roles as a trainer, teacher, mentor, and coach.

Elizabeth loves to read and travel. Her life goals include visiting each of the United States, stamping all the pages of her passport, and sprinting 400 meters with her daughter. Elizabeth is a graduate of Sacramento City College with an Associate of Arts in Social Services Community Development, and Augusta State University, Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology minor.

Elizabeth is a Member of New Leaders Council Augusta, HOPE Program Advisory Council, and Beulah Grove Baptist Church.

Above all else, Elizabeth is a very proud mother.

PWH: What inspired your start in writing?

EB: A variety of experiences personally, professionally, and during my travels have inspired my writing. I have always been an avid reader, that took notes on what I read and loved to write and journal my thoughts since I’ve been able to read and write in elementary school. By the 6th grade after completing a school project, I decided then that one that I would be a published author. Over the years different genres were considered and all inclusive in the “She Rests…” book series.

PWH: Tell us about your book Series “She Rests”?

EB: The “She Rests…” Book series began in 2016 with Est. Fourteen Forty-one book publishing. The overall theme of the series is the number “7” symbolic for completion. There are 7 chapters in each book and will be 7 books total. There are 6 realistic fictional characters created with the reader being the 7th character. In the content, we develop characters that deal with non-discriminatory scenarios that can happen to anyone. In some instances, their circumstances are not given the voice and needed attention because they are considered stigmatic and taboo within the culture.

PWH: What message do you hope readers take from your work?

EB: I want our readers to engage in the characters stories in a way that normalizes conversations that may be difficult but need to be had. The message within the stories give validation thoughts that create non-judgmental safe zones for people to talk freely without feeling judged or alone in whatever they are experiencing in life.

PWH: You have started a weekly show that shadows your books, tell us about the She Rests Book Club?

EB: The “She Rests…” Book Club broadcast consist of guest from all walks of life discussing the process and progress of their real-life stories.

PWH: What is next for you?

EB: In addition to completing the “She Rests…” book series, I look forward to doing more public speaking engagements (even if it’s virtual) and expanding our virtual platforms.

Books Available Online:

Book #1 – “…And On The 7th Day, She Rests…”  Focus Theme: “In All Things, Be Sure to Rests…”


Book #2 – “…She Rests, Theophelia…” Focus Theme: “Reflect, Revive, and Run With It”

Book #3 – “…She Rests, Claire a.k.a. Chopper…” Focus Theme: “Dealing with the YOU in YOU!”

Social Media Connects:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LyzeesHope

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elizabethhopebrown/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Author-Elizabeth-Hope-Brown-278825932749063

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHdZWpjTMJgPPGjcNq18ew  

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