Tawanna Sams Unplugged: From Runway to Entrepreneurship

Tawanna Sams is a native of Queens, where she has lived a majority of her life. She graduated from the prestigious Townsend Harris High School with honors and then went on to obtain a degree in Computer Programming from Anthem Institute. Presently, Tawanna is a Product Owner for a major Healthcare Insurance Company focusing on Technology tools and initiatives. Tawanna sits on the board of BDPA, Black Data Processing Associates, an organization of professionals in or having an interest in the Computer Science and Information Technology fields.

Tawanna is the Founder and CEO of TREMAINE IT Solutions, a Software Consulting & Development Company.   When not working, she likes to spend her time reading, writing, and traveling. A former model, she traded in her runway shoes for a pen to pursue her true love of creating stories that readers will enjoy. Tawanna is also a published author and writes under the pen name Eva Tremaine. Eva has written six novels: Open: Love, Lust & Sexuations, The Unstable Trilogy, Seven Again: Coming Full Circle, and Betrayal Served Cold.

Tawanna has overcome her fair share of trials and tribulations, and her motto: Your beginning does not dictate your end.  As a child, Tawanna struggled with reading, speaking and had a host of developmental delays.  Today she is thriving and continues to reach for the stars.

PWH: Describe “Tawanna” in five words?

TS: Strong, driven, intelligent, giving, and beautiful

PWH: What inspired your start in entrepreneurship?

TS: I was laid off and realized I put my ability to survive and provide for my family in someone else’s hands.  I would never do that again.  I knew I must have more control over my life.  I got serious about developing multiple streams of income and never looked back.  Today my 9 to 5 supplements my income but does not define it.

PWH: How do you balance work life, entrepreneurship and being an author?

TS: I balance my busy life by staying balanced within.  There will always be things and people that demand your attention.  You cannot control everything around you, but you can control your response.  I put me first, always, knowing that if I lose me, all else does not matter.  And some strong organizational and prioritization skills do not hurt either!

PWH: Do you have any tips for the everyday working woman and entrepreneur?

TS: Work as hard for yourself as you do for others.  Once you clock out of that 9 to 5, the day does not end.  Then you go to work building your dreams!

PWH: What does self-care look like for you?

TS: Self-care starts within.   It all starts with putting God at your center with prayer and gratitude.  Add some meditation and affirmations to strengthen your core – I am beautiful.  I am strong.  I am powerful.  I can do it.  I will win today.  You go you beautiful brown girl! And once you are glowing from within, polish that off with some me time, doing whatever brings you joy.

PWH: You are a 6x Author, what sparked your passion for writing and creating stories?

TS: As a child, I could barely read and struggled to speak properly.  I was labeled special needs and told I would not go far.  I refused to accept that label and where others projected me to go.  I turned every doubt into a win and cut myself out of every box I was put in.  My book club, Sugar & Spice Book Club started me on my path to writing.  Today I write for all those little brown boys and girls, to show them your beginning does not dictate your end.  You can be and do whatever you set your mind to.

PWH: Which title speaks to your heart the most?

TS: Unstable is my baby, and you know how us mothers feel about our first born. But the title that speaks to my heart the most is Seven Again: Coming Full Circle.  The story is a testament that if you have just a mustard seed of faith and a few BFFs, you can make it through any situation.  This book is about true friends who ride for each other and hold it down. I love sistas uplifting other sistas.

PWH: What message do you hope women take away from your platform?

TS: As a black woman, I have entered rooms and sat at tables where I was the only one.  Do not be afraid to be the first, and do not be afraid to be alone.  Somewhere there is a little girl or boy watching you and glowing with admiration.  Be the example and walk into that room and own it like the beautiful, powerful Queen you are.

PWH: What is your definition of a pretty woman who hustle’s?

TS: A pretty woman who hustles does not have to own a company, be a boss or manage a team.  A pretty woman that hustles is a woman that gets up everyday and does whatever is required to provide for herself and her family.  She navigates trials and tribulations daily and is a boss in her own right.

Tawanna Sams – Wife, Mother, Grandmother, sister, entrepreneur, writer and a pretty sista that hustles, daily!

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CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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