How To Pause, Process and Proceed in Purpose with Serial Entrepreneur Dominique Yancy

How To Pause, Process and Proceed in Purpose with Serial Entrepreneur Dominique Yancy

Dominique Yancy is a graduate of McNeese State University located in Lake Charles, La. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2008, which allowed her to gain experience in the mental health field. Dominique decided to further her education and later obtained her Master of Science degree in Psychology.

While working in the addiction field, Dominique became a counselor, a confidant, a problem solver, and the author of Pause, Process, Proceed. She is now a Professional Educator who works with individuals with neurological differences. Dominique is also the founder of Pamper Me Conscious, an organization designed to uplift, inspire, and push women to be better inside and out through empowerment events, mentorship, and business development workshops. She dedicates her time and energy to the community and those who need a breakthrough.

Along with this, Dominique decided that women of all shapes and sizes needed a way to feel sexy and secure. Dominique is also the owner of Sunni’s Secret Intimate Collection, LLC. Sunni’s Secret is an online lingerie company specializing in selling intimate pieces and understanding the importance of increasing self-esteem and confidence in and out of the privacy of the home. With her work experience, generosity, and big heart, she has helped many individuals who struggle with loving themselves from the inside out. Dominique’s motto is “Feed Your Faith and Your Fears Will Starve To Death” and her goal is to continue to be a positive influence on women all over the world.

PWH: What inspired you to own your own business?

DY: Owning my own business was always a goal of mine. I love being an entrepreneur and helping others is my passion. Why not merge the two! 

PWH: You are what most consider a serial entrepreneur, how do you balance it all?

DY: Faith, Perseverance, and Dedication. Without those, there is no balance. I also believe in self-care management. Taking a day off is very important to me.

PWH: What are your goals for your businesses in 2021?

DY: I can’t say too much but for 2021, I plan to take Sunni’s Secret to the next level as a lingerie brand. 

PWH: You are also an author of the book “Pause, Process, Proceed” what message do you hope readers gain from your book?

DY: Pause, Process, Proceed is a self-help book that helps individuals make more realistic decisions and less impulsive reactions. This book is designed to help everyone of all ages. 

PWH: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

DY: In the next 5 years, I want to be wherever God wants me to be. Of course, I want to be successful and have more business ventures but it’s important that I remember who gave me the vision and helped me get here. 

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