A Beautifully Twisted World with Tia Rodriguez

Tia Rodriguez born and raised in Virginia is an American author.  In 2009 Rodriguez collaborated with IUniverse and became a self published author debuting her book titled “Dedications and In between the Two” just a month before graduating high school. Feeling accomplished yet overwhelmed Rodriguez knew she needed time to focus on her future. Rodriguez went on to college where she attended University of Phoenix. In 2017 Rodriguez graduated from Phoenix with her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Four credits from her Master’s degree in Education Rodriguez quit school and began her podcast “Auntie Always Running Her Mouth” running on all major platforms. Her love for giving advice and making people laugh was something she enjoyed.  Rodriguez began writing again in 2019 in which she developed her new character Heavenly. Rodriguez’s book HER: Beautifully Twisted World is set to release January 1st 2021. Rodriguez is looking to take this book through a unforgettable journey and she is not taking NO for a answer. 

PWH: When did you realize you had a passion for writing?

TR: I realized I had a passion for writing due to three things.

1. I was so good at lying.

2. To escape reality.

3. Speak my truth without judgement

Every single one of these reasons pointed to a great story. 

PWH: How would you describe your writing style?

TR: I have more of a narrative writing style but I can definitely dip into descriptive writing. My downfall would most definitely be punctuation but please do not underestimate my talent because of this. I will tell you a story so good it’ll make you feel like it was a true story and later have you stunned that it wasn’t. I prefer my stories to be something that any and everyone can relate to.  I want to hear “Girl, I’ve been through the same situation with such and such.” or “Dang sis, You hit the nail right on the head with that one.”

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from reading your work?

TR: The message that I hope readers gain from my work is to maintain self-love and self-worth. When you have those two nothing and no one will be able to tear you down. 

PWH: You are the host of your own podcast, tell us about that?

TR: My podcast is called “Auntie Always Running Her Mouth”. I came up with this particular podcast because I am constantly being asked for advice. Hell my life is not even put all the way together but whose is. I give advice to just about everyone young, tender, and the ones in between. Every time I am done giving what I believe to be good advice I get a “Okay, mom!”. My reaction is quick “Aht! Aht! I am not that old. I am still in my twenties and may be pushing 30 but who’s counting? So then they would say “Okay Auntie.” and ever since that has stuck with me. Auntie is my alter ego. She is funny, kind, loving, but she will tell it like it and lay you out in a heartbeat. It is like having your grandma and your best friend mixed into one. What a perfect combination. I touch base on all topics, nothing is left in the dark and I am very open minded.

My podcast is available everywhere so check it out.

Listen to “Auntie Always Running Her Mouth” on Spreaker.

PWH: What is next for you?

TR: What is next for me? That is a great question. A best-seller and a movie. The rest is to follow. I will continue to hustle until I reach my fullest potential and even then I will find something else to get into.

Pre-Order your copy today at: www.Amazon.com/author/tiarodriguez 
Follow Tia at: www.Facebook.com/therealtiarodriguez 


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