Rebecca Nicoson’s Story of Trials ,Triumph & Tenacity

Photos by Ashley Patty Productions and Beth Cox Photography 

Meet Rebecca Nicoson: Success Advisor Next Level Results and Owner of Nicoson Networking Solutions Empowerment Coach 

In 2019 Rebecca worked in Corporate America as managing health and life insurance agent, making great money but on the road 14 hours a day with a husband and six children. On September 26th, she had a doctor’s visit because her husband had been losing weight rapidly and having back issues. They received the news that no one wants to hear; “you have stage 4 cancer”. Not only did her husband develop it in one area but six areas and multiplying.

Rebecca decided to take a step back from her career and decided to become her husband’s full-time caregiver and chauffeur to all appointments. She immediately had to do something to take care of her family as he could no longer work, so she entered network marketing and started coaching courses since she has a degree in psychology and held management and leadership positions. Soon after, the pandemic hit, and there became a massive benefit in multiple streams of income. She decided that she would complete schooling and get her certification to become an empowerment and self-love/care coach. She also decided to get certified as a social media strategist and manager. Through all of this, she reached her goal in 2020 with over 600 customers in her Network Marketing business and 20 recurring clients for her social media networking business, and a following of over 800. Launching a coaching platform a few weeks ago and already growing past 300+ followers.

Rebecca refuses to allow her situation to deter her dreams. There are no problems, just situations, and situations all have solutions. Rebecca says she loves being a stay at home wife, mom, teacher, and caregiver while fighting each day to achieve her goals.

Photos by Ashley Patty Productions and Beth Cox Photography 

LR: Nicoson Networking Solutions is a newly established company in 2020 with a pretty good-sized following. What advice can you give on acquiring followers?

RN: The advice I would give is consistently branding yourself and constant communication with others. Letting others see who you are and being genuine can go a long way!

LR: Your background is in Management and Leadership, coupled with your Psychology degree, you’re quite the package. How have those positions in Corporate America prepared you to be successful in your own business?

RN: These positions have prepared me to be ready for any situation to arise no matter what position you hold and be flexible and ready for a chance to advance and increase my growth. It has also prepared me for creating a business that opens the door for a diverse community and being able to understand the views of other individuals that come from various backgrounds.

LR: Juggling a family and being an entrepreneur is already a task. On top of that, you are the primary caregiver for your husband during his illness. What is the secret to juggling all this at once and not letting your business slip away?

RN: There is no secret other than being very organized and time blocking your schedule, and still having flexibility for unexpected events. Also, having a great support system in both family and business has a great impact in achieving daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals!

LR: Network Marketing can take a hefty amount of time for just a few clients, and you have over 600 customers. How in the world do you maintain those relationships? What tricks of the trade can you give entrepreneurs desiring to reach your level?

RN: Maintaining relationships with a great Customer management system is key! This helps you stay organized, send out regular emails, scheduling phone calls / sending greeting cards, your customers for just a thank you , or an I appreciate you go a long way for integrity and relationships!

LR: As an Empowerment Coach, what sets you apart from others in the same field?

RN: I feel that the one thing that sets me apart is that In today’s world, several are needing this service but financially struggle in order to maintain it. I am flexible with payment arrangements and even include free sessions after successfully completing a certain number of tasks that will help them! I also take the time to actually get to know not only them, whether it be virtually or face to face, but I also include family, spouses, friends in sessions! This way, the ones most important to them get to know me and can have the knowledge of what my client/friend is trying to achieve.

LR: Finally, if you could have a business meeting with anyone on the planet, who would it be and why?

RN: This is a tough one as there are many that I would love to meet with, but I believe I would love to pick the brain of Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. Both have set goals and manifested so much in a short amount of time while they have overcame obstacles in their personal lives at the same time .

Photos by Ashley Patty Productions and Beth Cox Photography 

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