October 17, 2021


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YouTube Taught Me

Scrolling Instagram, I saw a clip of everyone’s favorite auntie, Taraji P. Henson and her home salon she made during quarantine. A she shed, full of wigs and press on nails she designed to keep busy. Like many of us, she fell down the YouTube University rabbit hole and picked up some new skills. I found myself randomly binge watching YouTube channels about the latest techniques to apply makeup and endless wig tutorials as well throughout the year. But the thing that caught my attention the most were wardrobe hauls.

I don’t follow many celebrities or internet personalities to be honest, so this whole situation was new to me. One particular wardrobe haul channel I started to watch was by a plus size reviewer by the name of MissJemima. Her personality and genuineness came through the screen and I started to watch haul after haul of her trying on clothing from websites I’ve seen in my feed but didn’t know anyone that ordered from or that was plus size. She showed the good, bad, and just a mess from these websites.

It’s the finally finding an authentic plus size personality.

It felt like I was back in high school and over a girlfriends house trying to find the perfect outfit for an outing. She showed the different ways that the more basic pieces can be styled and pointed out things that we look for but aren’t mentioned in product descriptions or reviews-quality of the material,stretch or tightness, how sleeves fall, and most importantly pockets. Because apparently women don’t need pockets in clothing if you look at most designs for us, especially plus size women.

As I watched, I started to examine my closet a little more closer and came to the realization that it wasn’t that I didn’t have clothes, but I just wasn’t styling them right. I started going through my clothes and rearranging them not as separate items but making actual sets. This comes in handy for those last minute, grab and go moments. I even ventured over to some of the sites showcased and bought some pieces I had my eye on. I loved them and didn’t have any of the shipping or product hiccups you often time hear about. Her description of how the material felt was spot on and even the points about how items fell on more curvier bodies.

The more I watched, the more I developed my own style not just a work or Target run look; but actual style that fit my personality that could transfer to whatever arena I walk into. It felt good to be in something that looked good. It may still be quarantine status for the bulk of people but I can say YouTube taught me not only how to style but be more confident in my curves. What started as something to cure idol time has translated into something that has been on my to do list  for some time now.

Have you been stocking new wardrobe items these past few months for when outside opens back up? Or have you subscribed to a channel and what new skill have you picked up over this time? Drop it below in the comments.

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