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Freelance writer, author, and founder of C & E Reflections Inc independent publishing company. With a focus on amplifying women and people of color, I strive to produce fresh content for readers that promote self-reflection and allows us to be our most authentic self. I enjoy writing about black womanhood, parenting, education, and self-reflective pieces.

Exploring the New

At every turn, it seems we are bombarded with relationships; from break-ups, makeups, new engagements, and displays from someone else’s bae. But what should those that are navigating being newly involved do to get to #RelationshipGoals status? Here are 5 tips to remember as you voyage into dating: […]

YouTube Taught Me

Scrolling Instagram, I saw a clip of everyone’s favorite auntie, Taraji P. Henson and her home salon she made during quarantine. A she shed, full of wigs and press on nails she designed to keep busy. Like many of us, she fell down the YouTube University rabbit hole […]