Meet Miki Riley: Inspirational Entrepreneur, Founder and Author of the Fabulous 40 & Over Club

Meet Miki Riley —  She is an Inspirational Entrepreneur, Founder and Author of the Fabulous 40 & Over Club. 

Having a passion for the makeup/beauty industry, 5 years after starting her makeup career, Miki began selling fashion accessories. Her company is called Accessory Me. Over the past several years she has been able to provide clients nationwide with beauty industry experience as well as help them gain additional income and accessories through sales from products her company supplies — empowering other women to become entrepreneurs as well.

Being in the business of beauty and understanding it more greatly, as Miki grew in age and maturity, so did her perspective. She believes that beauty is much more than skin deep, which compelled her to write and publish a book called “The Fabulous 40 & Over Club.” This book dissects the word “Fabulous” from the mature woman’s perspective, exposing some ugly truths about what some are doing to appear outwardly beautiful. Miki’s book explains generational differences and how it relates to Fabulosity, expresses the need for more positive role models, and shares stories, as well as words of inspiration and encouragement from mature women (ages 40–90 years old) to all. This is not only a book Miki has penned but an organization of women she is building to give mentorship and reap the benefits of coming together through exclusive membership, discounted products, services and other national incentives.

How did publishing your first book change your perspective on being an author? I learned that there is much more to being an author than just writing or typing a book. It’s research, formatting, presentation, getting feedback, marketing and more. Because what’s the purpose of being an author if your book doesn’t reach the hands, ears, hearts and/or minds of people.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Books? Years ago I was a heavy fiction reader. Eric Jerome Dickey (R.I.P.), Teri Woods, and Toni Morrison were some of my favs. Non-fiction, self help/improvement books are what I read or listen to now, as they are more important to me because I don’t have enough spare time to read anything else. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Dale Carnegie (How To Win Friends & Influence People), Robert Greene (48 Laws of Power), and I love The Richest Man in Babylon (George Samuel Clason). I find myself going over parts of Think & Grow Rich most often though.

What part of your life’s journey made you feel most certain you should write this book? As I was approaching the age of 40 and reflecting on my business in beauty and interacting with women young and old, I was compelled to write this book. I felt the need to share what it truly means to be Fabulous from a mature woman’s perspective in hopes to redirect and inspire some.

You have a young daughter. How will this book help younger generations? I want my daughter and her generation to know that there is much more to being Fabulous/Beautiful than outward appearance, social media posts, following trends and other superficial things. Understanding and defining their own Fabulous on more than a surface level will increase their happiness and make them a value to society.

In your opinion, what makes you fabulous? Self -love, Love for others, and accomplishment are the main ingredients to being Fabulous in my opinion. Read the book and find my more detailed answer to this question. You will be glad you did!

How has your experience in the beauty industry as a black woman inspired your perspective on all things fabulous? It is important to look good on the outside, because looking good can make you feel even better. I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to help women who are absolutely beautiful on the inside to see themselves in a more glamorous way on special occasions. Experiencing the look on a woman’s face when they see their naturally glammed finished look was rewarding. However true beauty starts from within, it exudes through our actions. You can’t cover your personality, actions, and decisions with makeup. You can be pretty on the outside yet broken within. We should put as much effort or more being fabulous within as we do outwardly.

Who should read this book and consider joining the Fabulous 40 and over club? This book is for women of all ages: Younger women can learn from the life experiences and advice from those of us who are 40 and over. For us more mature women, you are not alone in your struggles and life experiences. For anyone who likes supporting, uplifting, and acknowledging women. If you like to travel, if you like makeup, if you like accessories and receiving great discounts at some of your favorite places to shop and more, then you should join The Fabulous 40 & Over Club and read the book.

Find out more about Miki Riley and The Fabulous 40 and Over Club

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