Drea Dominique – Catch Me If You Can

Meet Drea Dominique, multi-talented artist taking the world by storm. This singer, songwriter, model and businesswoman hails from Long Island, New York however, currently resides in San Diego, California. Throughout her time as an artist Drea Dominique has worked with many of the industry’s finest. 

From AC Burrell who produced her hit single “Catch My Wave featuring AD.” Which received over 120K views on Youtube and over 33K streams on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. To the sweet ballad, “Waiting featuring InkMonstarr” produced by keyboard artist Kevin Flournoy. All being a few from Drea Dominique’s forthcoming EP titled, “Drea’s Toy Box.” In a matter of months Drea Dominique has set the tone for 2021 with over 40.3K streams in 86 different countries. 

Aside from being a musician Drea Dominique is an entrepreneur, with her first beauty and fashion line “HeartSpace by Drea.” From custom-designed, T-shirts, hoodies, hats; and her “Drea Dominique” lashes and lipstick Line. Drea gives fans a fun, fashionable yet affordable catalog to select from. 

With her smooth R&B sound, colorful personality and alluring looks, Drea Dominique is well on her as an R&B sensation. Tune into her new song “Santa Baby” now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We had the pleasure of talking with Drea and discussing her passion as an artist and entrepreneur.

LR: Your song “Catch My Wave” has more than 120k views on YouTube and the streaming is ridiculously amazing. What was the motivation behind this song?

DD: Catch my wave is a dance song. The song is asking the men if they can keep up. Many want to approach but few can actually hang. So I’m asking, if I give you my energy will you know what to do with it. 

LR: Literally you hit the glass ceiling and shattered it by taking care of business. Singing, collaborating, modeling, acting and now a clothing line and beauty products. How do you juggle it all?

DD: As far as my line goes, it took me about a year to get everything ready to launch. The process felt like it would take forever, between creating the styles and finding the right fit. Also building my website and just getting all the pieces together. Now that it’s launched the hard part is finished, so it’s much easier to juggle everything else. The music consisted of me doing a lot of back and forth driving to LA and recording late nights. It’s safe to say I lost a lot of sleep recording this album. But it was well worth it. 

LR: What prompted you to add clothing and beauty products to your repertoire?

DD: I wanted to create a business for myself. Something concrete I can grow and generate generational wealth. I love lashes and lipstick so I figured why don’t I have my own. The clothing is for the fans. All my gear has pictures of myself on them. 

LR: OK I’m dying to know what it was like on Bad Girls Club? Please share a glimpse of your time on reality TV? What did you take away from that experience? How has it helped you in your entrepreneurship today?

DD:   Bad girls club was a double edge sword. I was so excited to be in Mexico on a tv show but the drama took away from the experience. I came in the house with the intention of linking up with the baddies of the house, having a good time, and showing what it means to be bad but in a bossy way. Unfortunately I was with girls who wanted to be in competition and felt like being bad meant being mean, so we clashed. If there was one thing I can say I took away from the experience, it would be, more of a backbone. I let a lot of disrespect slide before I finally stood my ground. And if I had to do it over, I would have popped off sooner. People take advantage when you try to play nice and keep the peace all the time. So it taught me you don’t always kill them with kindness. Sometimes people need to get checked. 

LR: You have a birthday right around the corner on February 19th. What big plans do you have in store for our readers?

DD: On February 18th I will be dropping my album Drea’s TOYBOX. I will also be doing a live event where people can join online. Ill be doing a listening party as well as performing. I’ll be dropping a link with the release flyer so everyone keeps an eye out for that, if you want to tune in. 

LR: Finally, what accomplishment do you admire the most in your career and/or life? Why?

DD: First I’m a mom. That’s the best thing I ever did. I’m really proud of myself for launching my brand and finally going after my dream of being an artist. A lot of people want to chase their dreams but never do. I’m happy I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted. 

LR: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?
DD: A pretty woman who hustles is a boss. 

Connect with Drea on Instagram and shop her site now dreadominique

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