Patrice: It is so great to sit down and interview you. Let the readers know who you are and what your business is.

At first, I never thought I wanted to act, but now I love the glam and being in front of the camera. Acting is something, and I am very interested.

Cree: Great to sit with you as well! Thanks for thinking of me to interview. My name is Cree Campbell. I am currently the newest member of Growing Up Hip Hop LA. My father is Luther Campbell, and my dad (Stepfather) is Ted Lucas, owner of Slip N Slide records. I own and operate two businesses ‘Inspire Agency’, an experiential marketing firm that cultivates branded moments and corporate events. ‘Inspire Body Recovery’ is a luxury post-op concierge service to assist “dolls” in their post-surgery journey.

Patrice: Tell us about your advocacy of health and wellness. How important is that for you?

Cree: Health and wellness are vital to me because I’ve seen the downside of not being healthy when it comes to family members suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. This all stems from not living a healthy lifestyle.

Patrice: You are the latest cast of Growing up Hip Hop. How does that feel?

Cree: Wow! It’s insane! Being the newest member of WE TV #1 show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop LA’ is enormous for me and business overall. It’s an honor that they reached out and wanted me and to hear my story. I am genuinely excited about it.

Patrice: This is definitely exciting news since I’m also a fan of the show! What are you expected to learn from others on the show that has been on there for a while?

Cree: I do not think any expectations are made of me in regards to learning from anyone. However, I am open to learning because I do not know everything. Maybe I will learn something you’ll have to tune in in June.

Patrice: Will do! I will be counting down until June! LOL. So are you currently working on any new projects?

Cree: Yes! Omg, I have some pretty cool new stuff in the works for “C.Swim,” which is my swim line. I also have another brand called ‘FIM33’, “Faith in Motion33,” which is a workout line that Mama Tina came up with, and we are doing a mother-daughter project in regards to that. I am also purchasing land lots in Florida to build luxury single-family homes and duplexes geared towards middle-class families.  I feel like in certain areas, the houses are run- down, and everyone, no matter their financial status, should feel good and peace when entering their home.

Patrice: Wow! You have a lot going on for yourself and I see that you are an entrepreneur of many hats! Congrats to you in all your business ventures! Now since the pandemic hit last year and still is going on in 2021, has it affected your business or planned projects in any way?

Cree: The pandemic has ultimately shut down events for big branded clients, and it’s sad because I have all these concerts and partnerships that were ready to go for 2020 and 2021. But it made me look at life differently. I honestly feel less stressed without doing ground-up events. But I’ve also been given opportunities to partner with others and still execute concerts. My company was responsible for the first two ‘City Girls’ shows in Florida when JT was released from prison. I’ve always wanted to make sure to execute because I am low-key, and I wanted to make sure to put on for not only the city but my state!

Patrice: Blessings on top of blessings!  Have you been on other Television shows?

Cree: Yes. ‘Luke’s Parental Advisory’ on MTV, but I was young and extremely disconnected. It was probably the most awkward thing to be doing at 15 for me at the time.

Patrice: Do you see yourself becoming an actress in the long run?

Cree: At first, I never thought I wanted to act, but now I love the glam and being in front of the camera. Acting is something, and I am very interested. Someone should call Issa Rae and tell her I need to be in Rap Shit, lol.

Patrice: LOL. I understand because talent like Issa Rae deserves actresses like you who are hungry in this industry.

Follow Cree Campbell on IG @_itsmecree for more updates.

A storyteller and writer creating her own lane one opportunity at a time! Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author who created her own brand That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC. Not only is she a certified journalist and freelance writer, but a Sickle Cell survivor and advocate. Patrice created the “Come Learn with Patricia” book series to share her personal testimony of living with SCD. Patrice is also the proud owner and creator of Versafi Media Magazine which is an online publication dedicated to entertainment news, articles and compelling interviews.  Learn more about Patrice and That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC by visiting Be sure to follow her on Instagram and visit her website for her magazine at to learn more.

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