Writing has always been fun and fundamental for me ever since I was nine years old. At that age most little girls and boys weren’t thinking too much about writing nor painting. But when God has blessed you with a significant gift to write, you best believe your gift should never be wasted! I’m glad that I was given the gift to write because God was looking out for me on what my purpose is. To be honest, I struggled for years trying to figure out what type of writing should I pursue. Of course I’m an author of nine books, but is that just a hobby for me? A passion? Or a career? When I started my children’s book series called “Come Learn with Patricia,” my goal was to educated people on Sickle Cell Disease and who it affects. I’m only passionate now completing my book series because it’s educational. But I look back at all the book ideas I have stored in my head and nothing comes out on paper. I have a bunch of short stories I can write, but my focus right now is writing for magazines and interviewing people. So now that I have talked briefly about my writing career, I want to share with you some writing tips to get your soul going! You don’t have to be a professional writer to know these tips either.

  • Write from a place of familiarity. A lot of times, writing from a place that makes sense and that they are used to seeing in the environment. For authors, similar scenery may trigger a story..or two.
  • Traveling sparks writing fever! If you love traveling, you should write/blog about it! I remember living in Hawaii for five years when my dad was in the Air Force and the scenery was so beautiful! Back in high school, I journaled a lot and that’s when I got my start in writing poetry when I was 15. If you travel, write about the scenery or it can turn into a book! You never know!
  • Writing is therapeutic! I can honestly say that writing is good for the soul! It’s relaxing and relieves a lot of stress. For example, if you have been through a lot of major challenges in the last couple of months, writing how you feel can help with processing thoughts and frustrations. Make time to write for at least 15 minutes a day if possible. It can make a difference!
  • Practice writing on themes. Let’s say a theme of an event or week is ‘Forever Young’ See how many sentences or paragraphs you come up with for writing on a specific theme.
  • Take a writing course. We can always improve your writing by taking extra courses. Even though I graduated back in 2009 from college, I still plan to take writing courses to learn more about a particular type of writing I’m interested in. Go ahead and take a course and see how it helps your writing in the long-run.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman

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