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Roushaun Johnson is that “bright light” making changes in her community. As an Entrepreneur, Corporate Executive, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Health and Wellness Fitness Coach, there is never a dull moment in her life!  Roushaun has founded and co-founded several non-profit community-based organizations dedicated to serving the needs of young girls, women, and their families.  She also owns and operates a successful online fitness studio, called Fit ‘n Fabulous, hosts an online business of health & wellness products.  Roushaun is an advocate of women in leadership, an avid supporter of female achievement, and encourages all women to step into their own success!

Roushaun if there were ever an award for the serial entrepreneur, you would be the winner. Who is Roushaun Johnson?

Roushaun Johnson is a Blessed daughter, wife, mother, and Child of GOD. She is a Bold! Brave! And Beautiful Black Woman! She was born and raised in Compton, California, to a teenage mom and a warrior grandmother that carried her family for 83 yrs. Roushaun went from collecting cans on the side of the road as a child growing up in Compton, Ca. to becoming an Author, Empowerment Speaker, Business Owner, and Corporate Executive at the fabulous age of 50. She is a “Bright Light” and an example that “Dreams Can Come True”!

What do you want people to see when they hear your name?  I want people not only to see but realize their power, potential, and destiny. I am an example of embracing and manifesting GOD’s personal and specific purpose and plan HE created for us/you. I want people to think about this question and act on it, “Why Not YOU”! I want people to “Be Bold! Be Brave! And Be Beautiful!” I want people to feel Empowered, discover their Wings, and FLY!.

What was it like winning Mrs. California 2019 of the Mr. & Mrs. Black America Pageant? How has that experience enhanced your entrepreneurship? Winning Mrs. California 2019 of the MMBA Pageant was priceless. It was indeed a humbling and proud moment for myself and my family. The experience of enhancing my entrepreneurship grew and manifested itself month after month during my 2019 reign as Mrs. California. During my command, I had responsibilities to act, produce and perform. I was beyond ready and up for the challenge. As Mrs. California, I wanted to use this platform to make a difference and impact in my community. I pushed myself beyond my limits and did precisely that and more. I completed over 200 hrs of community service acts, conducted several motivational speaking events, guest appearances, and black-owned businesses in the community. And my most tremendous entrepreneurial experience was opening up my  “Free Community Clothes Closet.” I opened up my closet in less than two months, and within our first six months, we helped over 200 families, giving away 500 items of clothes and shoes. After, that experience I knew I could do whatever I put my mind to.

As a serial entrepreneur, how do you balance family and work life? I use my Concentric Circle of Success. It all starts with my “Mindset.” I have a Mindset that succeeding is the only option. My Concentric Circle encompasses three elements: What? Why? And How? Once I establish those, I prioritize my “Why?” and plan accordingly. Secondly, I ask for help when needed. I have found that asking for help is extremely important when you are formulating your “How.” Lastly, I put family and my peace of mind first. I suggest that everyone sets what I like to call “non-negotiable hours.” You have to block off time for your family and yourself. Self-love is not being “Selfish.” 

Tell us more about your role as a Health and Wellness Fitness Coach. What are the challenges? What’s your biggest success story? Being a Health and Wellness Fitness Coach is magical. Having the opportunity to help individuals accomplish things that they cry about every night and pray for beyond rewarding and a blessing. The challenges are real and sometimes heartbreaking, But it’s not about me. I am here for my clients. The most common challenge is helping my clients overcome their self-doubt, helping them believe that they can do it and be successful—the physiological component. I am proud to say I over the years, with my training and extensive education, I have been able to help my clients breakthrough and overcome that internal obstacle. My biggest success story was assisting a client of mines in losing 65 lbs, lowering her blood pressure, avoiding knee surgery, and she would say, “give her life and a start to a new beginning.”

Fit’n Fabulous is an online platform. What would you like readers to know about it?  Thank you so much for you asking. This is my baby! I have been a Health and Wellness Coach for over 25yrs. Helping individuals transform their Health and Wellness, both physically and mentally,  is my purpose.

Regarding, “Health and Wellness,” I would ask our readers this: Do you like what you see in the mirror? Do you want to change that image? Have you gained some “Quarantine Weight” this past year? Do you need help bouncing back to YOU? If so, contact us. We have an expert team and a community that can help you achieve your goals.

How can our readers gain access? Currently, we are not taking on any new “one on one” clients until June. Readers can, however, follow us at Join our community, gain emotional support from others. Take time and read through both our past and current information. They are beyond valuable and can be life-changing for you. You will be uplighted and inspired. Stay tuned for our signature events and client one-on-one session openings in June.


Finally, if you could be any animal in the world, what would it be and why? A Rhino. Be forewarned. My skin is thick; I long to protect, empower and serve our African heritage. My crown is my horn. Nothing can stop “A Charging Rhino.”

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