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Melissa P. Latson is the CEO/Founder of MEL Developing Center, Inc. (Motivating, Elegant Ladies) a 501 c3 (non-profit) established in 2012. Her experienced Entrepreneur skills positioned her to move forward as a passionate Confidence Advisor. She is the First Black African American Female to be on the HOA Board of Directors in her community and serves as a committed Community Advocate. Her story is her glory as a Survivor and an Advocate of Domestic Violence. Newly Co-Author for “She Is Well Book” her chapter “Starring through the Peephole – The Journey of Reclaiming My Life after Abuse”. Melissa teaches young ladies and women How to Break Through the Confidence Code in their lives in order to produce good fruit and better relationships. Her desire is for all to Be the best version of who you are Becoming. 

MEL Development Center was founded by you in 2012. What does MEL stand for?

 Motivating Elegant Ladies What does MEL offer? Our program model is based on Uniqueness, being different is good. Girls that attend our classes will be able to find their own unique self and be able to distinguish the difference between healthy and toxic relationships. We teach girls  how to develop confidence, learn the importance of being independent so that they can be elevated to their Greatness.  

Melissa, you are also a Confidence Advisor, explain to our readers what a Confidence Advisor is and what you do? 

Confidence is taught not inherited. When I got a taste of having confidence, I felt sure of myself and my abilities to be my authentic self. I wanted to give that feeling to others that’s why I chose Confidence Advisor. Helping others feel ready for life’s experiences doing what will take you out of your comfort zone and to a place of believing in yourself. You will stand strong to your inner critic. 

As a survivor and advocate of Domestic Violence, what advice can you give both males and females who are involved in domestic violence situations?

It’s not your fault, hurt people, hurt people. No one deserves to be abused but everyone deserves to be love and in a place of safety and security. Find someone who you can trust and someone who can offer professional consultation, validation and resources to help alleviate the situation to find an escape plan.

On the flip side, what advice can you give others who want to become advocates of Domestic Violence?

First of all, Silence is Violence so if you see something say something there are Help Centers all around the world. Domestic Violence has definitely been on the rising lately. Approach every situation with a listening ear and ensure them that they are not alone. Don’t be too quick to tell a victim to leave their abuser or that they need a change, it will probably not work in your favor. The process is to ease with caution while making sure the victim is safe. Even though, the victim needs to make a change, sometimes the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing. Connect with them with a genuine heart.

You are also a Co-Author for “She Is Well Book” your chapter “Starring through the Peephole – The Journey of Reclaiming My Life after Abuse” speaks to so many. What can you tell our readers about being a co-author on this project?

The movement “She Is Well” was a belief changer. Being a Co-Author sharing my story helped me heal even more through the pain I endured as a victim of domestic violence. It opened up dimensions within myself, I saw more of my entrepreneur skills come out. This Co-Author journey expanded my confidence to a new level. Although, I have been told I should write a book about my life,

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”- (Stephen King) I pushed through it. I trusted my intuition and the promise. When I see that I’m changing other people’s lives by sharing my truth, it reminds me of why I started and why I must keep going on The Journey of Reclaiming My Life after Abuse.

Lastly, what new projects are you working on?

New Projects are definitely coming!! I will be writing a book all about me and my journey that wasn’t shared in the group book. I need to continue saving lives with my truth. My silence has been violence for too long.

God has worked all things out in my favor and I’m honored to be his vessel.

My “Future Vision Board Book” will be out in June. It will help people to keep their eyes on their vision understand the importance of finishing things you start. My “ConfHERdence t-shirts and mugs will be out shortly. It’s different and I know it, that’s why I’m so excited about it. Different is Good. “Be different so that people can see you clearly amongst the crowds”-Mehmet Murat

Connect with Melissa online on her website and follow her on instagram

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