June 15, 2021


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Mary Lee Vance ~ Mic Check 

Mary Lee Vance is a wife, author, entrepreneur, founder and creator of virtue with Vision The Podcast, and the Founder and creator or Pods in Excellence. She took the leap of faith at the age of 22 and moved across the country from California to Georgia away from her family and friends to go after her purpose.

Mary specializes in Podcast production – Helping those who have podcast or podcast ideas properly build their podcast from the ground up making sure that they believe in their voice, have purpose established in their shows, and create a podcast production like no other!

Mary Lee Vance has had high profile guests on her show featuring Geoffrey Golden, Keyondra Lockett, Keyla Richardson, Nicole Walters from the hit TV show She’s The Bossand so many more and now she teaches others to do the same.

Podcasting has really grown over the years. As a Podcast Strategist, what makes a good podcast?

That’s an awesome question! To have a good podcast you must have a solid foundation. You need to first find out your podcast structure. Will your show be 10 minutes? 15? An hour? Second, you need to find out if your niche of Podcasting should be scripted or should it be free form. Thirdly, you should be remembered by your intro. How will they remember you? Fourthly, what is the call to action? You should have that in your outro of every show. Lastly, consistency! In 2020, there were over 1.75 million Podcasts and only 50% made it past the 7th episode. That means 50% simply give up because they aren’t receiving the listenership and fail trying to find their niche audience. 50% don’t feel that they are adequate enough or don’t have the right equipment and feel they need fancy equipment to be the best. What makes a good podcast, is you finding your structure, cadence, and consistency even when no one else is listening. My company, Pods In Excellence, is here to shift and dominate the podcast industry by.

There are so many different podcasts, how does a person find their podcast niche?

You are absolutely right! There are a lot of podcasts out there! How do you find your niche? You find your niche when you are able to find what you are passionate about. So many people ask if there is an audience for their passion or what they want to talk about. Honestly, yes. There’s room for everyone who wants to Podcast. You just have to find your audience. Before you find your audience, believe in what you have to offer, your point of view. There are plenty of people out there that can relate and agree with your point of view.

What are some of the pitfalls that happen to new podcasters?

The biggest pitfalls that happens to new podcasters is not being able to invest in what they are trying to build. I teach in Pods In Excellence the importance of having a structure, how to turn your Podcast into a business, and how to grow their audience organically. Another huge pitfall is that new podcasters fall into the hype of people telling them that they can get tens of thousands of downloads within the first day of starting and that is not how you grow a sustainable show. With your podcast you have to be willing to fail and pivot. Try things that may or may not work and if it doesn’t work out, don’t give up, you have to try and find something that works for your niche. What may work for one Podcast, may not work for yours. You have to think long term sustainability and not short term fame.

As a wife, author and business owner, how do you carve out time to do it all?

It can be quite difficult when it comes to time. For me, the best thing that has worked is a schedule. If it’s not in my schedule it’s not happening. My husband trumps any schedule at any time because that’s my first ministry. God has given me the grace to take on all that He has given me to do!

You have a podcast right now. Tell our audience a little about what you expect from your show?

Virtue With Vision is the name of my Podcast. My show blows my mind each year. In 2020, my show was in the top 200 podcasts in Religion & Spirituality. I have had many high profile guests on my show like Keyondra Lockett, Keyla Richardson, Geoffrey Golden to name a few. My expectation of Virtue With Vision, is to help motivate your walk with Christ. I want to reach those that are saved, and show them that walking in Christ is a journey. I want to show those that aren’t saved, that my only job is to love and work towards being who God has called me to be everyday. Virtue With Vision is designed to reach people. I don’t want to be the stuck up Christian that has it all together. We’re all a mess in some way trying to get together before Jesus returns and that’s what it’s all about. I make it my duty to meet people where they are so they know that God accepts them flaws and all and so will I because I KNOW I’m not perfect. We discuss relationships, goals, life, and a whole lot of Jesus!

You’ve had a really nice guest line up. What’s the secret to getting guests to come on the show?

My secret to getting guests on my show is simply asking them! Now there’s a method to asking, and I teach that in Pods In Excellence. The key to getting who you want on your show is to make sure that your values and morals align with theirs. You want to create impact, you have to seek guests that you can both mutually benefit from. Do it scared. Do it when you may get a “no” or no response at all. Be bold and keep asking until you get your yes!

Finally, what are your dreams for your podcast and Pods In Excellence?

My dream for my Podcast is to reach people by spreading the love of Jesus. I want people to remember that, “You Deserve God’s Best Because You Are God’s Best”. My dream is to have people be reminded just how amazing they truly are. I also would love for Virtue With Vision to be syndicated. That’s a huge goal. My ultimate dream is that my people give their lives to Christ and find their freedom in Him. 

My dream for Pods In Excellence is that anyone that is starting or thinking about starting a Podcast understand that they there is value and purpose in their voice. Someone out there needs you. I teach fundamental processes in growing a sustainable and lasting show and my dream is that when I dominate the Podcasting industry that the 50% of Podcasts that fade is lowered significantly.

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