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Mar1asol is a 23 year old R&B singer / songwriter born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She grew up in a musical family and has always been attracted to making music but she was to shy and hid her potential. At age 18 she wrote her first song ‘Till it’s over’ inspired by her first serious relationships and then, wrote a whole EP with her producer and partner, Low97beats inspired on the same feelings of being really in love for the first time with all the emotions that it includes. After 3 years working (with an EP “Luvsteps”, a debut album “Beats and donuts” and 4 singles including her newest one called “Waterfalls” which was included in the official R&B charts and won a lot of recognition since the premiere) now she has a whole team on her side and her goal is to keep bringing positive vibes and original music that comes from her experiences. She aims to be one of the few Argentinians that wants to open the idea of creating music in a not-native language while creating a new perspective of music in general.

What was the “ah ha” moment you knew that you wanted to be a singer?
I always felt like it was my dream, but I decided to be a singer professionally when I was 18 and I saw a lot of people reacting positively to what I was doing.

What made you come out of your shyness and take on the music journey?
Maybe I started to think that shyness takes away a lot of opportunities you might need to grow so I decided to put that behind and try my best to be myself without thinking about what people might think. Music is really my therapy so it was the reason why I decided to be more extroverted.

During your late teens, you experienced heartbreak. How did that fuel your music?

That’s a good question lol. In this case, it helped me a lot and inspired me to write about it, make art and move on (I wrote about a lot of experiences to show to people how did I react and maybe they could feel related to those feelings) But before that, it was really hard for me to heal without using music. I really think music saved my life so many times.

What have you learned about the music industry that you never would’ve known?
That it’s really important to not loose yourself and stay around good people only. If you know what you want, and don’t accept non-constructive opinions, you should be focused on your goals and what brought you there, and you’ll be fine.

How is it having your producer as your partner? What challenges does that bring to the table, if any?
He accepts me with my flaws and all, he’s my best friend too so we know that it’s difficult but we put our best to make it work. Maybe it’s not easy all the time, but we make our own rules and make the needed decisions to feel better about our relationship and about ourselves.

What do you have in mind for the rest of 2021?
Work harder, meet more incredible people and learn to be able to enjoy the positive things that are coming my way. 

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