Pretty and Mommying: Shana Gilbert

Pretty and Mommying: Shana Gilbert

Shana is the founder of Shay creationz Boutique. She has always held a eye for fashion so she decided to take a leap of faith to provide women their fashion desires giving them the look they deserve.

What Inspired you to start your business?

My love for fashion inspired me to start my business.

How do you balance business and motherhood?

As we all may know it’s not easy tending to the kids and balancing any type of work. Gratefully my daughter is of age and is very independent. She is a self starter with minimal help. It’s not easy but she’s def a mini assistant to my business as well.

What does leaving a legacy for your kids mean to you?

Leaving a legacy means alot to me, unfortunately at a young age I lost my mother and I didn’t quite get the relationship that I see most young ladies with. I strive to be the best at whatever I do and to me that means being a leader.

What 3 lessons did your parents teach you, that you try to implement with your children?

Stay motivated
Work hard

What 2 lessons are you teaching your kids in regards to business?

Separating business/ personal life

What is your definition of a Boss Mom?

My definition is A woman who is a leading force at home and in her business always working towards goals & continuing to motivate her lifelines.

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