LaShay Anderson ~ SAM..I AM THAT ONE!

Growing up in Bristol, PA being the oldest of five children, LaShay inherited great leadership, nurturing, and work-a-holic skills. Being mature beyond her age, she was responsible for taking care of both her younger siblings and other people’s children. Becoming a mother herself at the age of 18 gave LaShay’s life a whole new meaning and determination to become successful! 

In 2016, LaShay began her entrepreneurship journey while still working her corporate job. Good thing her skills were expert level by 2017 because she was abruptly laid off from making $70k a year, to having nothing. As if things didn’t take a drastic turn with her job, LaShay was also a divorcee becoming a single mother with two children. She did not have time to hesitate or to feel pity for herself when making sure food was on the table and a roof over her  family’s head was hanging in the balance. She kicked her knowledge into high gear and moved like the BOSS she knew she was! 

Throughout her career LaShay has always excelled at training others. This is why Your Best You, LLC @yourbestyou_llc  became  her very first sole business! It is a Philly based career coaching business that offers resume writing, job search assistance, coaching, Human Resource Consulting and more. To give her clients the best experience, she became a Certified Career Coach. Her clientele ranges from Healthcare Organizations to students at local high schools. 

With a reputation of always being a good student in school, a critical thinker, and a stickler about education, LaShay decided to embark on another investment and opened the first black-owned STEM based childcare facility, KandeeLand Academy  in Bucks County, PA. Here, the children are guaranteed to be provided with the appropriate tools to be successful creators, thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and inventors of their generation! At this moment during the pandemic, the children are participating in virtual learning and the facility serves as an event space for local Philadelphia and Bucks County Residents, and  Business Professionals. 

As of today, LaShay operates five businesses under her Mother Brand, SAM (Shay Andy Management). Each one is based off of pieces of her outgoing personality. LaShay has a knack for motivating others and always making people feel as if they can achieve ANYTHING. If I must say so myself, she serves her community and the city of Philadelphia.

We had the amazing opportunity of chatting with Lashay and learning more about her drive and passion behind her brands. Check out the interview below:

You don’t operate 1, 2 or 3 businesses but 5! Launching “Your Best You LLC” after being laid off from corporate America is a big step, tell us what you offer.

 Your Best You is a Coaching and Consulting Firm.  We offer Human Resources Consulting for Small and Large Businesses as well as Coaching and Training Sessions for individuals and groups!  Most of our individual clients come to me for coaching on resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiation and Management coaching.  We provide Career Prep as well as Customer Service trainings to groups and most of their clients are local High Schools who want their students to better their professional skills.

What exactly is a Certified Career Coach? Why is it important in this day and age?

A Career Coach is someone who is knowledgeable in current market and industry trends as well as workplace management.  A Career Coach can guide you on making tough career decisions and moves as well as assist you in preparing for career changes.  Coaching is very important in our current climate because many industries are phasing out jobs and employees need guidance on what to do next as well as how to handle difficult career changes.

Juggling a new divorce, raising two children and being an entrepreneur can be taxing. What tips can you offer to manage time to get everything done?

TAKE BREAKS!!  You have to know that it is absolutely fine and NECESSARY to take mental breaks.  That means turning off your phone, blocking out as many disturbances as you can and allowing your mind and body to reset.  With children, it is very important to have a strong “village”.  These are people to help tend to your children when you’re unable to or when you simply need a moment alone.  They understand the importance of this.  As an Entrepreneur it is ESSENTIAL to develop a strong team.  This allows your business to still flow smoothly when or if you’re not around.

KandeeLand Academy is a STEM based program. First give us the 411 on KandeeLand Academy and second, what is STEM?

KandeeLand Academy has been a journey!  So many roadblocks were thrown in my way such as being ripped off tens of thousands of dollars by a contractor, COVID preventing us from opening and having to make several building repairs to meet state regulations.  However, we are NOW ready and I wouldn’t change the experience or the struggle.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   

What sets KandeeLand Academy apart from other childcare facilities?

Our center is based around STEM principles as they are essential skills that the current and next generation will need in the workforce.  Most jobs are beginning to fit into one of these industries and that will only continue to happen.  KandeeLand Academy will allow children to learn in these areas through play and hands on application.  We also offer extended hour care into the evening.

What’s on the horizon for SAM (Shay Andy Management)?

SAM is currently focused on continuing to build strong systems and processes for each entity so that we continue to run like a well oiled machine!  In the not so distant future, we intend to develop an apparel line as well as extend into Business Management by assisting other businesses and brands with building systems and processes to help them become successful!

Finally, what advice can you give other female entrepreneurs who want to throw in the towel?

With a clear head, write down the pros and cons of giving up.  If your pros outweigh your cons, then, you probably need to redevelop your business model or brand so that it works better for you.  DO NOT be afraid to start over!  Relaunching with a new strategy can be awesome!  If your cons outweigh your pros, then you’re probably on the right track and just going through a rough patch, which we ALL will go through many of!  Keep in mind that you were built for this!  Take a day or two to do some self care and then get up and KEEP GOING!

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