Self-Care, a Must For a Fulfilling Life

Self-Care, a Must For a Fulfilling Life

Mental health is a state of well-being. It allows individuals to achieve their full potential, face life’s everyday difficulties, and work successfully. Mental health has the same level of importance as your physical health!

However, mental health has been undermined since the beginning of the pandemic: fear of illness, uncertainty, stress, social isolation, loss of income. In these difficult times, there are different habits to integrate into your daily life to take care of your mental health.

“Self-care” means being constantly aware of your needs. It means looking after your physical, mental, and emotional health, having a healthy lifestyle, resting when you need to. Practicing self-care is learning to know yourself, identify your functioning patterns, preserve your energy and balance. The key is to understand what takes energy from you and what gives you energy and do activities that boost you on a regular basis.

Self-care is a voluntary act. Sometimes it means making choices and stepping out of your comfort zone. However, it is far from being a selfish practice. It’s even the contrary! By preserving your well-being, you ensure that you have the right amount of energy to be present with others and attentive in your relationships.

Make your well-being your top priority. More concretely, self-care implies being connected to your feelings and systematically responding to all your needs. There is no universal recipe for self-care; everyone has different needs.

Self-care is a sign of self-respect. It also means being kind to yourself, celebrating every little success. Now it’s up to you! Start taking care of yourself. Because, one thing’s for sure, you are the most important person in your life!


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