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Cherisse “Aye Yo Kells” Jamison is a graduate of both Claflin University and Voorhees College, an Award Winning Publicist, a former media personality, full- time entrepreneur, and owner of The Jamison Agency. This year, she has launched Creatives Who Hustle, which is dedicated to uplift and share knowledge, expertise, provide tools, resources and experiences for those inspiring to enter into the entertainment business. Kells, started The Jamison Agency over 3 years ago and has worked on high profile projects such as Boosie Juice Campaign, A Small Problem movie production, All Star 2019 Charlotte, NC, Vibin With Jazzy B Reality TV Based Show, Media Girls On Tour Charlotte, Miami LIVexperience, FOX Network ‘Shots Fired’ + more. Additionally, Kells has handled various events in the LA, Charlotte, NC, Miami, FL, and ATL areas. Cherisse, assists with building Small Businesses and providing PR to Organizations, Expos, Conferences, Authors, influencer’s, entertainment individual’s, brands, and Entrepreneurs. The Jamison Agency clients have been seen/featured on BET Network, TV One, VH1, WE TV, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Medium, Rolling Out, The Source, Sheen Magazine, Respect Mag, AJ3, Yahoo Lifestyle, XXL, Live Civil, Vocal, and more.

Why is your business a business to watch in 2021?
My Business The Jamison Agency is a business to watch in 2021 because last year was a very big dominating year for us, but I still don’t think I=our hard work was acknowledge as it should have been . During Covid 19, as a business we really pivot and had a 95% successful rate when it came to landing pitches for all our clients. One of our clients we took on last year, made every major Hip Hop and Pop list you could think of. Since, 2021 has started we have done some pretty remarkable things. TJA, has secured two major placements with Forbes within two months, now were securing the third. We’ve had the opportunity to place one of our clients to headline Rolling Loud. We also had an client who was named an honorary citizen of Statesboro, GA by the major of Statesboro. Additionally, TJA really takes pride in seeing all our clients continue to be successful and seeing their dreams come true.

What inspired your to start your business?
I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 11 years now and its always been about the passion for me. I’ve very passionate about my career, my business, and entertainment. I’m also very passionate about helping others succeed. Helping others, really feuds my mission in being great. I was always taught you continue to bless others so you can continue to receive your blessings from God.

How did 2020 change your business? Was it for the better?
2020 definitely changed my business for the better. Our company almost moment, revenue in 6 figures, we’ve had a 95% success rate, brought on new clients, and even transition into other areas of PR. The pandemic itself, was a testing moment for us and really pushed us to what we think was our best potential.

Do you feel your product or service meets the needs of the market?
Yes, My services definitely meet the needs of the market of Public Relations.

When did you realize entrepreneurship was right for you?
I knew entrepreneurship was right for me when i could never keep a job lol. I always had a passion for entertainment and whenever I tried to do something outside of entertainment i hated it. I would never keep a job longer than 6 months because I always knew working for someone else was not for me. I hated working for someone ,I hated waking up hating to work for someone else. I was always unhappy with the salary. i felt unappreciated in every job I ever worked, and I hated not feeling like i was in control of my own goals. In 2019, one day at my cooperate job i had this feeling that i still cant explain till this day but i knew my time there was done. I left my job to pursue working working on The Jamison Agency full time. I never looked back since.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship chose me. I’m a daddy’s girl, Growing up, I always watched my dad do several things to bring in income to support us. I always admired that about him and i grew up wanting my own business and hustles. In high school, i was selling hair, writing papers, song writing, anything that brought me quick money.

What would you say is your most driving motivation to keep doing what you do?
I would say my fear of failure would be my most driving motivation to keep doing what i do. I would like to be financially stable and retired at the age of 40, being able to live off of my investments.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your business? What are the goals that you hold personally?
Some goals I would like to accomplish in my business are; hitting 6 and 7 figures this year, working more with lifestyle brands and even corporate, having a professional full team, landing one of my client a full cover story of a major publication, and more. Personally, I would love to work more on my personal brand, start my skin care company, and focus more on Creatives Who Hustle by creating opportunities for others.

What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you?
You will see The Jamison Agency every where this year. You can expect more expansion of our services and clientele, the reboot of Keeping Up With Kells media, and merch.

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Chandra Gore

Integrity and hard-work have always been the hallmarks Chandra has used to build successful and profitable businesses through her consulting firm has worked with entrepreneurs to help them create foundations for success through her boutique consulting and public relations firm, Chandra Gore Consulting. Quietly making strides with placements for small businesses, entertainment, authors, therapists and motivational speaking clients on local and national news outlets she has been leaving her mark as a publicist in the industry. She is also an author, festival founder, producer and speaker on topics such as Business Strategies, Media Relations and Entrepreneurship. Launching Conversations with Chan - her personal brand that includes a podcast, YouTube channel and publication on Medium.com.

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