Alima’j Co. With Owner Jamila Lee – Keller

Alima’j Co. was founded by Jamila Lee-Keller August 1st 2018. I created the name simply because it is my first name spelled backwards! in Arabic my name means Beautiful and I wanted the name of my brand to coincide with my overall brand. I am a 34 year old unique individual who adores doing hair and utilizing cosmetics! I started doing hair at the tender age of 10 by practicing on my 5 sisters.

I attended cosmetology in 2009 and soon after became a beautician specializing in braids until I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome 3 years later, which slowed me down as a braider (no one wants a slow braider as their beautician). I no longer wanted to run the risk of potentially losing clients due to an occupational hazard in which I decided that I wanted to stay in the field of beauty so I started my brand online and i am continually searching for the coolest items from around the globe. Quality at great costs is my best approach.

My magnificent and upbeat clients are my inspiration to do my best each day.

In my arrangement you will discover an assortment of beauty products, for example, Lipstick , Lip pencils and false eyelashes. I am especially glad for my best selling products, which represents superb Siberian mink eyelashes and vegan lip gloss.

At what moment did you realize you held a passion for beauty?

I realized I held a passion for Beauty at the age of 14 when I started getting paid for my braiding services.

Describe your brand Alima’j Co. in five words.

Beauty, affordable, Cosmetics, quality, ideal

] What can customers expect when shopping with Alima’J?

Customer can expect great quality, affordable Cosmetics along with superb customer service.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next five years?

 In the next 5 years I hope to see my brand on Target shelves worldwide.

If you had any advice for an upcoming beauty industry professional what would it be?

My advice to an upcoming beauty professional would be to be original, promote your brand every chance you get, be consistent and most importantly never give up.

What can readers expect to see next from Alima’J?

What readers can expect to see next is New products, upgraded website, YouTube Channel, IG collaborations with other brands, pop up shops around the Bay Area and continued superb customer service.

Support Alima’J Co. By shopping online

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