June 14, 2021


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Meet Holistic Mindset & Financial Strategist Mia Love

For National Meditation Month we would like to highlight Mia Love she is an educator, entrepreneur, and financial wellness advisor.

A widely recognized credit empowerment coach, mentor, and holistic practitioner with almost a decade of experience, Mia specializes in providing holistic financial wellness methods that improve both the financial health and overall well-being of her clients. Utilizing her extensive background in financial literacy and Level 3 reiki, energetic and prana healing certifications, Mia founded Real Freedom With Love (formerly The Good Credit Diva), a comprehensive credit and finance management firm, where she teaches financial stability that encourages financial assertiveness, as well as a personal evolution. Her passion for educating, healing, and teaching others is exemplified in her intensives and workshops she facilitates at various organizations, businesses, and events throughout the globe.

Mia brings her warmth and wit to every engagement, as she believes that healing reduces
people’s resistance to change. She counts it a privilege to watch others experience a sense of
freedom and confidence in their ability to not only make money but make time for what matters most.

What or who keeps you inspired and hopeful with teaching others about meditation?
I am inspired by the opportunity to educate, motivate and inspire others. I’ve seen the lifelong changes that occur with mediation with clients who have been through trauma as well as those who have sought grounding and healing.

What was the driving factor for you to assist others with learning about meditation?
The driving factor is that we must not only embrace change..but we need to be that change that we want to see. This biggest avenue to be a change agent and teach others is to model behaviors and share authentic stories. Balance is a learned behavior as in imbalance. We become good at what we practice. As you practice wellness, it becomes a part of your day today routine. Seeing the impact of this drives me to want to help as many people as possible.

How does meditation assist with healing or advancement of self?
Mediation is an exercise in introspection. We have the power to heal ourselves. In order to tap into the greatness within you, it is necessary to quiet the noise. Meditation is the key that unlocks the quiet place where healing can occur. Only then can you advance to your greatest and highest self.

How important is it for someone to consider meditation in their daily, monthly or self care routine?
Meditation is the foundation of your daily routine. As this becomes a practice, much like eating, you will notice an obvious void if this integral portion of the daily routine is skipped. People tend to become distracted without their morning coffee or tea, specific lunch and mediation are no different. Consideration is only possible until necessity kicks in.

What makes you smile, like all teeth showing smiles about what you do?
What makes me smile is when I see previously a furrowed brow relaxed or when I see someone who previously struggled with an issue of wellness find peace. There is no greater joy than giving a gift that can never be repaid. Meditation is that gift.

Share with me something that would be unexpected to find out about meditation?
It doesn’t take a long period of time to meditate. There is no hard rule about the amount of time that you need to spend meditating. Anytime you have a few moments to yourself you can find time to meditate.

What words of advice would you give to someone who is unsure about meditation?
Wellness and growth are not always comfortable. Outgrowing old habits and coming into a new sense of being is a step in the right direction. Babies are unsure about walking and they do not get it exactly right the first time. However, with support and encouragement, they start with a crawl, move to a walk, and end with a run. Meditation is a similar function. Take a chance on yourself and make time for your wellness.

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