October 16, 2021


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Stimulating Tips

Do you understand how to budget your money?

Consider budgeting based on what you NEED  vs. what you WANT

Think about the fact that you need cash on hand until you get paid again.

Do you need that new pair of shoes, or do you want them?

Do you want a new cell phone, or do you need one?

As you consider your needs verse’s your wants, compare prices, styles, and return policies. Just because the item is the most popular, doesn’t mean it’s the best selection for you or your budget.

If that item can wait a little while longer, consider setting $40 or $50 dollars aside until you have the full amount of the purchase price. How badly do you need it? Is there another option you can use? If purchasing that item will cause you to have less money until your next pay day, it may need to wait a little longer.

Look for next month’s Continuous $timulus discussion. Until then, Keep your mind on your money!

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