How to maintain/have a healthy mindset after trauma

Establishing a balance between your work and your personal life is a challenge for everyone, but it is even more so when we are in the process of trauma recovery. These types of situations are unexpected, sudden and can come from many contexts; but they all have one thing in common, they end up controlling a person’s feelings and behaviors negatively.

This entire disturbance affects our work life, among the other spheres of our life. But you know what? All is not lost, and below we show you that maintaining a healthy mindset after a trauma, is possible for everyone with five tips.

1. Acknowledge what happened to you and your feelings

At first, it is difficult to recognize all the disturbing situations that invaded you and all the damage it caused you; you may even feel paralyzed and disconnected from your life by the denial of the event. But here comes the first important step: realizing the negative event and that your emotions are valid.

2. Be patient with your thoughts and behaviors

Just as your feelings become intense after the trauma, this can also affect your thought and behavior patterns. Memories of the event and unpleasant visions will arrive, as well as intrusive thoughts you must begin to identify and control with patience.

For all this, follow the next self-care tips for workers and people in general.

3. Pay attention to your bodily reactions

Traumatic experiences generate a physiological stress reaction, which is quite normal up to a point. This reaction includes sweating, hyperventilation, trouble concentrating, and even sleep and eating disturbances.

These symptoms help the body to move quickly in a stressful situation. But if they persist after the experience, or appear with just the memories of the event; then it is time to seek help for trauma recovery.

4. Get closer to your social and workgroup

The first help you should seek from your social group. Your intrusive thoughts will tell you: “You should not bother other people”, but you should do the opposite and pay attention to your emotions that indicate you need support.

Therefore, dare to reach out to your family, friends, and even coworkers for their support and patience during this very difficult time.

5. Ask for professional help

Never discount the idea of ​​seeking the help of a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. These professionals are prepared to provide tools to people who have gone through difficult situations and help them to lead their daily lives more pleasantly over time.

Believe us, it will be one of the best investments for maintaining a healthy mindset.

(Extra) Rest

To end these self-care tips for workers, we leave an extra tip for you; rest well. Take your time to deal with these emotions and thoughts; and if you cannot abandon your obligations, do not push yourself too hard and patiently carry it one day at a time.

Remember it is valid to say that you cannot at some point and that all of this is part of the path to healing.

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