Real Estate Diva Genora Smith provides 5 Tips to becoming a homeowner

Real Estate Diva Genora Smith provides 5 Tips to becoming a homeowner

Gone are the days of thinking that homeownership is out of your reach and unattainable. We reached out to Real Estate Diva Genora Smith and asked her to share 5 Tips for becoming a homeowner.

 Courtesy of Genora Smith 

1.  Create a savings account specifically for purchasing your new home. This money will go towards your down payment and any unknown repairs in the future. 

2. Work on your credit score. The higher your score the better your chances are of getting approved with a lower interest rate. 

3. Go over your finances to see how much house you can actually afford. I always ask my clients what they’re comfortable paying per month.

4. Contact a lender to start the pre-approval process. If you’re not familiar with any lenders contact a Realtor. Your Realtor works with lenders on a regular basis and will be able to give you a few recommendations. 

5. Start searching for homes based on the amount you were approved for and be ready to submit an offer. Homes are flying off the market. When you see one you like act fast before it’s too late. 

 Courtesy of Genora Smith 

About Genora Smith:

Genora Smith is a Maryland native who had a love for real estate since childhood. As a child, she would enjoy viewing model homes with her mother as an escape from the projects. She would admire the enormous homes and their beautiful interior design. Genora would dream of owning similar homes one day. Years later she moved to Georgia to pursue a career in the fashion industry.  In 2012 she graduated with a Dual BA in Marketing and Design.  Genora was the first grandchild to attend college and graduate with a degree. Moving to Georgia truly changed her life. After receiving multiple real estate opportunities, she finally took the plunge. Welcome Home GA is her new Real Estate business that launched in February 2021.  She chose that particular name because it defines who she is as a person: loving and welcoming. Genora resides in GA with her husband and three children.

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