Uniting the Masses With Bruce C. Carter

As a former supporter of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Bruce C. Carter is one of the only men in today’s politics who can bridge the gap between today’s parties.  As an advocate of the underserved, Carter has hosted multiple summits focused on dialogue between local politicians, police departments and the urban youth.

Q: When and why did you become interested in politics?

A: By March of 2016 I had only voted twice in my life both being for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. The fact he was a black man made me vote the first time. If you are black and live in Texas you vote as a Democrat that’s the norm. Well after voting in 2008 and 2012 I saw no change in my life or community. So in 2016 I wasn’t thinking about voting. My daughter, a high school senior at the time, asked me in March of 2016 the day of the primaries who I would vote for and I said the lady was Bill Clinton’s wife.

She said if she could vote it would be for Bernie Sanders and went on to tell me who he was and why I should vote for him. I took it to heart because when you can talk to your teenage children and the fact I was so disconnected from politics and how they make decisions that affect me overall. That night I formed Blackmen for Bernie and traveled through 46 states stomping for Bernie.

Q: What is it like to support candidates on both sides of the fence, Democratic and Republican?

A: I believe this is the way it should be approached by All Americans. When you only vote because of party affiliation you can be hoodwinked. In 2016 I supported both Bernie and Trump forming Black Men For Bernie and Trump For Urban Communities. This effort allowed me to understand various mindsets, cultures and behavior. It further made me have a greater value for all people and their concerns.

Q: Black Lives Matter is believed to have warped into something very different from its origination by many. What is your take on how things have changed from its inception?

A: Because I do not know the original intent or heart of the founders it’s truly hard to comment on what it has become. When I hear Black Lives Matter as a Blackman I look at the statement in totality, meaning quality of life, safety within your own communities, how we treat one another and the overall progress of blacks. I believe that the words Black Lives Matter as of 06/23/2021 has very little value for the overall progress of Blacks In America.

Q: We have heard All Lives Matter. In the current atmosphere with police being at the forefront of some injustices done, how can others believe in and support Blue Lives Matter with all that is happening with law enforcement?

A: First of all, there is no such thing as Blue Lives and all lives do matter. Every life has value regardless of skin color or beliefs. We should remember there has and always will be a group of people that seek attention and discord. There is no box to check that says or no one is walking around Blue. While the color of Blue is associated with Police the color actually represents peace. So in my opinion Blue Lives is just a statement that works and if the crips said that it would be dismissed or someone would say Red Lives Matter. 

Q: What exactly does Defunding the Police mean? What are the pros and cons?

  • Once again the words mean something different for so many people. If I was to speak on it, I would be referring to the overall goal of creating public safety. So if reallocating money into new initiatives that support the overall improvement of public safety then it should be considered. 
  • The Pros are if done in an effective way communities are safer.
  • The Cons is without educating the public it further divides communities.

Q: Black on Black crime is rising at a rapid pace since the pandemic is somewhat under control. How can we combat this?

A: Black on Black crime was bad before the pandemic but was widely ignored and seen as a subject that shouldn’t be discussed by blacks. To combat the issue we must first acknowledge it as the greatest threat to the race and we must attack it head-on. Some of the tactics are to demonstrate how system racism, failed government policies, and music has created distorted behavior and mindsets.

Q: If you could sit in front of anyone to change the status quo on all the topics above, who would it be and what would you say to unite the masses?

A: God, I would say please give them a double portion of what you gave me faith and favor.

Connect with Bruce C. Carter Online as he continues to unify and bring the world of politics together.


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