July 28, 2021


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Small Town Hero: Beauty Supply Store Start-up

Do you live in a small town? Do you have to get your beauty supplies from Amazon because the local beauty supply is the size of a closet and only stocks the same 5 items? If this is you…then I’m going to show you how to be the small-town hero and start your own beauty supply chain with little to no start-up money needed. Be the hero in your small town and start a lucrative business in a $380.2 global, billion-dollar industry, expected to reach $463.5 by 2027. (Report by Allied Market Research, as of 2019)

There is a huge surge in natural skincare products and ingredients, advanced beauty treatments, and increased consumer awareness are creating more opportunities than ever before.

How could your online beauty supply store done when COVID hit and as long as beauty supply stores were closed? Do you think that was the last virus we’ll ever see in our lifetime? What if I told you that you too can now be a part of this growing and thriving industry, without having: to look for a retail location, expensive licensure, shelves to purchase, install, then stock; hire employees, or store inventory.

I know you are thinking, “This is too good to be true, what’s the catch, Renee’?” There is none. You are looking at Stewart Beauty Supply Store. We have a physical salon but if we ever have to shut down, our beauty supply business, has everything our clients need with the click of a button.

As of this year, statistical analysis has shown that in the US alone, there are approximately 91,000+ beauty, skin and fragrance retailers, with an annual $21 billion dollars in revenue generated. Whew! Studies show that the industry is on track to grow by 4.7% each year, with Sally, L Brand, Sephora and Ulta dominating the industry, with a growth in products that increase youthfulness.

Despite these staggering numbers, Black beauty supply stores only own approximately 3% of the racial market, despite the low hanging fruit of most beauty supply stores is… Black. We need to start building and supporting in our own communities.

‘We have to stop letting other cultures come in to our communities, who don’t live there, and opening businesses that cater specifically to us. We must start to open our own businesses, especially the ones we dominate financially in. “

L. Renee’

To open a retail location would require licensing and permits with different restrictions per state. You will need staff to run it, find a physical building, etc.

What if I told you that you could have your own Online beauty supply store, fully stocked, with website and payment integration for FREE with no catch. If you really want to supercharge your business, you can add more products and customization for $39.99 a month. Our beauty supply store, Stewart Beauty Supply, does better than the salon some days. #BigFacts

Yes. You heard me correctly.

It’s an arduous journey to open a brick and mortar store and compete with the big boys, so why not join them?

For private one on one consultation on how to best utilize this opportunity, please email me at StewartBoutique.com@gmail.com (It looks weird but please type it exactly as you see it).

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