Why it’s okay to make mistakes as an entrepreneur

No entrepreneur wants to make mistakes that could lead to failure because failure is terrifying for most of us. Although our mistakes don’t define us as people, they are difficult to overcome for most people and are therefore avoided at all costs. Yet, both academic research and practical experience have indicated that failures are, in fact, an invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Indeed, failure is often a necessary part of the path to success!

Any successful person can tell you that they made many missteps before getting to where they are today. Failure was part of their journey. Check this out – some of the most famous examples of celebrities who have failed several times and have been enriched by it.

To fail is to have the opportunity to start again in a more intelligent way.” 

– Henri Ford

Although mythical today, Henri Ford was not an overnight success. Five years before he founded Ford Motors Company, he created another business that did not work and made him lose all his money.

Success is a bad teacher. It makes smart people think they are infallible.” 

– Bill Gates

Before building the empire that is Microsoft today, Bill Gates also saw his first entrepreneurial experience fail.

Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they are.” 

– Walt Disney

Although today the name Walt Disney resonates in all of us, this was not always the case. The company’s founder was fired by his newspaper editor and was even told that he lacked imagination before going through a series of failures that forced him to close his first business. Fortunately, he was able to bounce back and create what will be a huge success!

For entrepreneurs, the key to success lies in knowing how to react to their mistakes and reap lasting benefits. The only question you need to ask yourself is, what has my business failure taught me? 

Why does every entrepreneur need to fail at some point?

If you’re never failing, you’re probably never really winning either. If you succeed in everything you do, perhaps you are not taking big enough risks and are missing out on many challenges and extraordinary successes.

Failure forces you to adopt a growth mindset keep in mind that every rejection brings you closer to success. This way, you will no longer see failure as something wrong but as an opportunity to learn from it and improve by stepping out of your comfort zone. Use rejection as a coping tool. You can always improve by being willing to go beyond what you know and learn to use rejection as a tool for adaptation. 

With each failure, you will learn how to achieve success with your next move. So, keep failing and keep trying! 

  1. Failure forces you to think differently

Without ever making mistakes, we would all keep doing the same thing over and over again. Because why change if it works? However, by always using the same approach, you won’t have new ideas. The consequence of failure is that it pushes you to innovate and think outside the box, so use it to your advantage!

  1. Failure inspires creativity

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

– Thomas Edison

Making errors is one of the most effective ways to acquire new ideas. Mistakes force you to push limits and look for new inspiring solutions. It enables you to experience a more creative thought. This shift in mindset, which is more optimistic, can provide good energy for creating new concepts and better ideas.

  1. Failure helps us learn to be resilient

As Albert Einstein said, “failure is success in progress.

By making mistakes, admitting them, and growing from them, one can become a stronger person. Overcoming daily challenges requires flexibility and perseverance. Only by stepping out of your comfort zone and facing rejection can you build a solid mental and improve your resilience.

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