October 26, 2021


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Get A Total Wellness Makeover with Coach J!

As another lockdown peruses the horizon, we have now the knowledge and skills to get ahead and be prepared. Just the thought of being stuck in the house day and night can be depressing. However, this time we have all the tools to make this (possible) second lockdown better than the last. Even if we aren’t locked down, it is important to practice social distance for the safety of ourselves and others. Going to the gym and everyday routines can be stifled by all the rules coming back, but no need to get your healthy lifestyle out of whack. Stay consistent and remain in the groove. Need some help and motivation? The lovely Jamie Paladin can help! 

Otherwise known as Coach J,  J. Paladin Fitness & Co. specializes in virtual fitness training and nutrition coaching! Not only does her training program aid individuals who suffer weight issues (under and overweight) but also assist in providing nutrition tips as well to keep you fit. Her program has been known to help people boost their self-esteem and confidence. Training herself and developing a longstanding lifestyle dedicated to health, Coach J found the superhero in herself and took the victory. Jamie is passionate about helping people like you get back feeling right. 

It’s often hard to get into the momentum once you’ve lost it or maintain it when everything around you changes. Whether you are just beginning, have no idea where to start, or just need a few extra tips to supplement your fitness journey, J. Paladin Fitness & Co. is a great place to begin. 

Coach J raves about her program and is confident in the results she can provide because she too practices the same methods she uses on clients, which allows for a more personal connection with her clientele. “Luckily for me, I am my brand, so bettering myself through exercise helps my business. …exercise is good for both my mental health and my business.”

Jamie’s goal is to reduce the obesity epidemic and make an impact on others in their journeys through weight loss/gain. Jamie took a leap of faith and invested in herself and her brand, and was able to get her business up and running and begin her journey as a business owner. “My brand is intended to give a total wellness experience to anyone I encounter. Whether it be spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional, I want to show a positive lasting approach to goals in these categories.” 

It’s not too late, now is the time. Get a total wellness makeover and see what awaits when mind, body, and soul is in tuned and properly nourished. Be sure to follow Jamie on Instagram @coachj.fit and reach out to her via email jamiehiggins24@gmail.com to get started today; your fitness journey awaits! 

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