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“Anytime you enter the medical field you should be prepared to make a difference in this industry or isn’t for you. I set out to bring something that I was expecting in the care for my father when he was sick. He wasn’t attended to like I wanted him to be, and patient care is everything. When people are sick, they are vulnerable and often times its hard for them to speak up so loved ones become their voice. I would advise anyone who has a loved one in the hospital or nursing home, to check in regularly, make visits and pop ups to make sure that you are present. Patients face a lot of drama in the medical system and my role is to be an advocate in this community for both doctors and patients. I take my job seriously as I’m compassionate about what I do. I want Doctors to be heard and I want patients to be cared for”.

    In 2020 the world turned upside down and inside out, and unfortunately even though we are not currently under lock down we are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Essential workers throughout it all have stood strong and at the forefront of the pandemic they rarely let the world see them sweat. However, as we all know, at some point even silent tears and battles become loud and with the pandemic being so unpredictable, everyone across the globe was feeling it, especially those in the medical field. Seeing countless numbers of patients and experiencing unprecedented numbers of deaths daily has to take its toll on doctors, nurses and hospital staff and for Dr. Brooke M. Womack-Elmore she decided to become a solution to what she was seeing,

“The medical field always has to put on a strong face. No matter what we are dealing with or going through we have to smile and say, “How may I help you?”, but this time we hit burnout at full throttle and only our close love ones and friends were there to witness and hear us vent. Unfortunately venting to each other can have repercussions and lead to very harsh consequences because its automatically looked at as a mental problem. In the medical field we are seen as men and women of steel. We can’t break, we can’t cry and we can’t express how we feel about things going on because if we do we are viewed as unstable and it’s a bad stigma to have in this industry. The fact that it’s hard to vocalize and speak about your experiences is what can lead to a lot of what we saw during the 1 phase of the pandemic which was suicide. We lost a lot of doctors and nurses due to silence and not being able to express their burnout.”

The Duke University graduate has taken her advocating to a new level to help doctors and nurses with her Six-Figure Digital Practice she says;

“The Burnout in the medical is beyond anything that anyone can honestly understand. Its heavy and something had to be done to help, So, I came up with and created in the process was the six-figure digital practice. It’s essentially the blueprint for health and medical professionals to take their existing knowledge that they have already acquired and repackage it and rebrand it. Also be able to leverage in a way that they can provide it and make an impact in people’s lives in a larger scale. The blueprint was something that I put together because I felt stifled working in the clinic, I didn’t feel that I was making the impact that I know I could. I was lacking resources and the economy was shifting into a digital space. I knew I had more to give, and the blueprint is 95% hands off digital model and takes your knowledge and digitalized it in order for you to make a passive income stream to free up time and energy to hopefully accumulate some money. It has been able to help me and other colleagues who have implemented the blueprint”.  

If you are in the medical industry and you are interested in learning about Dr. Brooke M. Womack-Elmore please visit her website

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